This Blog is dedicated to the financial destruction of Maximus Canada Inc. and Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd., the people who created them, the people who operate them, and the people who profit from them.

Maximus and Themis are part of one of the greatest schemes of human rights violations in Canadian history.

Themis, under the leadership of Maximus, has destroyed and impoverished families throughout Canada.

By publishing the facts about Maximus and Themis we hope to educate the readers so that, over time, there will be a critical mass of public opinion and information that will lead to the downfall of this gangster operation.

If you have any information on, or personal experience with Maximus or Themis, the people who operate these notorious companies and profit from them, please share that information with us.

Information and knowledge are power and the more damaging information about Maximus and Themis that is published, the easier it will be to financially destroy these companies and the people associated with them.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hannah Roots - The Heinrich Himmler of Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd.

Hannah Roots 
Hannah Roots, shown in photo on left,  is the long term executive director of Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd., a company that is the key operating entity in the Nazi like plan to oppress and, some argue,  exterminate  parents who are forced into poverty by state actions and cannot pay child support. 

Under the diabolocal leadership of Hannah Roots, innocent men and women, who have committed no crime, have had their human rights and property rights stripped away from them just like the Jews of Europe who, having committed no crimes, had their human rights and property rights stripped away from them before they were executed in the Nazi-  extermination camps.

The operating methods of the Nazi-like British Columbia Family Maintenance Enforcement Program follows closely the operations of the European Nazis to exterminate the Jews of Europe and the Racist Crown of England to exterminate the natives of North America, Australia, Africa, India and Ireland.

Victims of Themis like campaigns in Eurpoe
Firstly, the targeted population is characterized as sub-human.  "Jews are worthless scum",   "Indians are barbaric savages", and "Poor parents are dead-beats who refuse to support their children"

The characterization is complete nonsense but it is artfully done using sophisticated propaganda methods to persuade the public that Jews, Natives and poor people do not deserve to have human rights or property.

Once the public have been so persuaded, the gangsters in the state, like Roots, Beresford, Benwell, Hird, Platt, Dosanjh, and their ilk, joyfully, gleefully, and sadistically, go forth enriching themselves as part of a diabolical scheme of plundering and looting the propery of the Jews, the Natives and the poor parents whose poverty is often directly attributable to the gangsters strategy of governments officials who abuse their positions of power like the Nazis did under Adolf Hitler.

Like Heinrich Himmler, who directed Hitler's final solution to the Jewish question, Hannah Roots is an executive officer in a program that violates human rights and property rights without allowing the victim a fair hearing before an independent tribunal.

At this time, the Editors are not accusing Hannah Roots of murder through the use of extermination camps but there is evidence that her inhumane Nazi-like policies and programs have led to several early deaths and suicides in British Kolumbia and there is evidence of BC Government, like the Nazi's in Europe forcing women into prostitution instead of paying them decent and proper welfare in accordance with United Nations standards. 

There is also evidence that insiders with the BC Government deliberately turned a blind eye the operation of an "extermination camp" in Port Coquitlam where scores of poor people were secretly exterminated.

In Canada, lazy, greedy, grasping, public servants live a glorously rich lifestyles and have huge pension benefits while ordinary hardworking Canadians are forced into poverty to support them by some of the highest levels of taxation in the world.  

These poor Canadians then die off at a significantly younger age than the lazy, greedy, grasping, class of rich public servants who benefit from extremely generous pension plans paid by state agents looting the hard earned but meagre wealth of private citizens through grasping, unfair and draconian systems of taxation invented by lazy, greedy, grasping, public servants to benefit themselves. 

It is a hidden system of extermination protected by judges appointed and paid for by the state where jury trials are denied - just like in Nazi controlled Germany where Jews were denied trial by jury and in British Colonies where Natives were not entitled to a trial by a jury of their peers. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nazi-like Themis - Maximus Corruption By Affiliated Lawyer - Richard Butler

Christopher Beresford 
Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. director Chris Berersford is an agent of the corrupt British Columbia Ministry of Justice and Attorney General (BCMJAG) while at the same time his son, James Beresford, is Public Affairs officer for that  same  highly  crooked organization.   This is an example of inbreeding privileged families feeding off of the oppression of others and using their government positions to cover up the crimes of previous generations.  

To illustrate just how crooked BCMJAG is we draw the readers attention to the fact that a senior BCMJAG lawyer, Richard Butler, was recently caught misleading the court in a major corruption case involving a cover up of corruption that allegedly involves persons connectede to both Themis and  its owner Maximus Inc.  After he was caught red-handed, Butler apologized to the court and pretended he had made a mistake.

Legal advisors tell the Editors of this blog that the excuse is, most probably, a complete fabrication because lawyers have a duty to check the facts before they put those facts  in an affidavit that could mislead the court if untrue. 

Legal advisors argue that Butler committed deliberate perjury and then changed his direciton only after he was caught.  They further argue that in any properly managed organization Butler would be fired for corruption, prosecuted for perjury and disciplined by the Law Society of British Columbia. However, these actions are unlikely because the Nazi-like gangsters at BCMJAG are regularly use fraud and perjury as part of their business operations just like Hitler's Gestapo did to conceal their dispicable and inhumane activities. 

Click here to read more about the cheating lawyer Richard Butler

The operations of Themis and its leader Chris Beresford are part of a larger pattern of oppression, family destruction and even genocide carried out secretly by agents of the Government of British Columbia.

British Columbia Government Liars 
For example, there is a well documented history of the Nazi-like, rascist & supremist, British Columbia government forcing Native children into a "concentration camp style" eductional system where like the Jews of Europe at the hands of Hitler's Nazis they were systematically beaten,  sexually abused, used for medical experimtents before being cleverly and secretly killed off by so-called infectious diseases.  Like Hitler and his gangsters before them, the Government of British Columbia, infected by people like lawyer, Richard ButlerChris Beresford, Richard Benwell and others, has falsified records and carried out an elaborate ruse to cover up their crimes against humanity.

Click here to read about Native genocide and the Canadian Holocaust

The reader is reminded that the BCMJAG is under the leadership of Richard Fyfe who has been implicated in the development of a legal strategy in Canada`s Federal Court that was intended to cover up massive crimes against humanity in respect bulk water exports to help the thirsty peoples of the United States and Mexico.

Richard Fyfe
The strategy developed under the leadership of Richard Fyfe ultimately led to what the Editors beleive was the deliberate and calculated murder of Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson and Federal Department of Justice lawyer Eric Noel Fyfe, of course, denies that he authorized the murder of the judge and the lawyer but the Editors claim that, surely, Fyfe and his gang, a gang that includes Beresford and the folks at Themis who were parties to thge litigation must have contemplated a sanction against anyone who broke silence and, surely, that sanction must have included murder because murder was the only way to effectively silence Justice Layden-Stevenson and lawyer, Eric Noel, if the decided to tell the truth to the investigating authorities.

Click here to read more about the suspected murder of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Neo Nazi BC Ministry of Propaganda Defends Nazi Like FMEP Liquidation and Extermination Program

Directo Beresford 
On November 27, 2012, the mis-information, dis-information propagandists who serve for the Ministry of Justice for British Columbia, spent tens of thousands of taxpayers dollars to promote the operations of Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the huge American company Maximus Inc.  The reader should ask why the B.C. Government paying for advertising for an American owned corporation.

In was an artfully crafted NEWS RELEASE that praised the work of the Nazi gestapo-like operations of the fascist organization known as the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program that regularly destroys family businesses and puts respectable law abiding citizens in jail without allowing them to call witnesses at their trials.  The Program has been under the direction of Chis Beresford (shown in photo on left) for the past ten years and his cromies and pals in the BC Ministry of Justice have arranged a job for his son as one of their Propaganda Officers in the bureau that also handles propaganda to cover up his father's corruption.

Beresford & Hitler 
The BC Government headline: " Record-breaking year for family support program" reminded terrorized victims of the British Columbia "program" of the equally deceptive headlines issued by Josef Goebbels, the WW2 Nazi Minister of Propaganda for Adolf Hitler, who, in 1944, also boasted that the Nazi "family support program had a record breaking year" when it was, in fact, looting gold from the teeth of recently gassed and baked Jews that they had liquidated as part of their Jewish extermination progam. 

Like Hitler, Director Beresford has been using the "program" to put gold in his teeth and those of his son James Beresford

Click here to go to BC Government News Release

Victims of A Similar System
The artfully crafted NEWS RELEASE makes no mention of the many families that the British Columbia Nazi-like Program has forced into poverty and death in its pursuit of more and more profits without regard to basic human rights such as the right to a fair trial, the right to work, the right to have a bank account, the right to travel freely.  Through the systemic violation of these basic rights Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. has inflicted poverty, human degradation, miserly and death on its victims like the Jew killing program of Adolf Hitler half a century ago.

The corporate controlled Canadian media ignores these true stories of government inflicted harm just like the corporate controlled media in Nazi Germany ignored the human rights violations against the Jews of Germany.

Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd.  and the Nazi-like gangsters in the BC Government who support it are deeply afraid that the TRUTH about their consistent human rights violations is now being published on this blog and others like it, because, sooner or later, the wheel of justice will turn and they will be put on trial, their ill-gotten assets will be stripped from them and, hopefully, they will executed just like the Nazi's before them whose example they have gleefully and willingly chosen to follow without regard to the law.

The Neo Nazi NEWS RELEASE boasts that the Nazi like program has collected $190 million from hardworking citizens who struggle in British Columbia's crony capitalist economy to support their families while, at the same time, PREMIER KRISTY KLARK has spent more than one third of that one that or $64 MILLION on useless media advertising in a futile effort to persaude the public to vote for her in the coming election.

Editor's Note:  The reader is cautionned to observe that the Editors have carefully used the words neo-Nazi and Nazi like in order make it clear we are not accusing Mr. Bereford and others like him who operate the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program of actually being Nazis but instead to use a powerful metaphor as a literary device to persaude the reader how FMEP methods of operation, are similar to those employed by the Nazis who systematically stripped the Jews of Germany and much of western Europe of their civil rights, their right to own property, their right to leave the country, their right to travel inside the country, their right to work, their right to liberty and freedom and their other human rights without a fair trial before an indpeendent and impartial tribunal.

The Nazi-like gangsters at Themis and FMEP regularly treat Canadian citizens just like Jewish victims of Hitler, Goering and Goebbels and their gangster brethern notwithstanding the fact that these rights are guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Covenant on Political and Civil Rights

Themis will state it is enforcing the law but this is not true because the law of Canada also includes a right to have one's rights determined at a fair hearing before an independent and impartial tribunal.  Just like in Nazi-GermanyThemis and the Canada's State controlled judges will not permit a jury trial for their modern Jews-like victims.  In fact, many of the rights that Themis regularly takes away are taken, like in Nazi-Germany, without any trial whatsoever.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nepotism, Other Corruption and Chris Breesford and His Son - James Beresford

Chris Beresford - Director FMEP
James Beresford is a "public affairs officer for the Communications Officer of the British Columbia Ministry of Justice and Attorney General.

This means that James Beresford is the person who manages the propaganda, the public lying, the public dishonesty, the public deception and other corrupt garbage that spews, regularly, from that powerful but corrupt Government Ministry that is considered. by some. to be the head office of organized crime in British Columbia.

James Beresford is the son of Christopher "Chris" Beresford (shown in photo on left) and the Director of the one of the most corrupt  agencies of the Government of British Columbia, namely, the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program. operated by Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd the subsidiary of the American company Maximus Inc., a company that has a reputation for fraud and other forms of corruption that is closely connected to Premier Christy Clark through her foremost political advisor, Patrick Kinsella, and his Hastings Park race track buddy, cabinet minister, Rich Coleman. 

The appointment of James Beresford to his position is nepotism.  His father, Chris Beresford, began his career as a communications officer for the British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General at a time when that Ministry was covering up several crimes carried out onder the administration Premier Bill Vander Zalm, Premier Bill Bennett, Premer Michael Harcourt and Premier Glen Clark
B.C. Premier Christy Clark
The cover up of those crimes has carried forward for the past 20 years and, with James Beresford, taking over from his ``dad`` the public can expect that the cover up will continue for another 20 years because James is unlikely to tell the truth when that means his dad would go to jail for as very, very, long time.

Unfportunately, the crimes appear to be getting more serious as the list of obvious murders continues to grow. 

It is now believed that former Deputy Attorney General Robert Edwards. who died of a sudden heart attack on November 5, 2007, was murdered, as were former senior lawyer, Jack Ebbels, who also suffered a sudden heart attack in Febraury, 201,0 and former Deputy Attorney General, Gillian Walllace, who died of sudden onset cancer in March 2011.

Click here to read about 33 sudden deaths linked to British Columbia Attorney General crimes.

Will James Beresford lie and cheat to protect his father who has been involved in the cover up of major crimes by Themis Program Management and Contuling Ltd., FMEP and Maximus Inc?

We think he will.

Premier Christy Clark has now become a part of the deliberate cover up by inserting James Beresford, sone of Chris Beresford, into a high paying position where he will be asked to develop strategies of dishonesty to cover up the willing participation of the Ministry of the Attorney General in the legal strategy that led to the murder Federal Court of Appeal Justice, Carolyn Layden Stevenson, and Department of Justice lawyer, Eric Noel. 

Click here to read more about the murder of Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden- Stevenson
Prime Minister Harper & Henry Kissinger
There is good reason to believe Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has retained former US Secretsary of State Henry Kissinger to assist hiom to insure that this debacle does not taint the Prime Minister's office when the arrests are made.  After Harper visited Henry Kissinger 9nj late September 2012, his first act of damage control was to fire Canada's Deputy Minister of Justice, Myles Kirvan, who like B.C. Deputy Minister of  Justice Richard Fyfe was responsible for developing the flawed legal strategy that led to one dead judge and another dead lawyer.  

Despite repeated requests that she follow Prime Minister Harper's example, Premier Christy Clark has refused to remove the Mr. Fyfe from his position of insider power and influence.  Unlike Premier Clark and her British Columbia Hastings Park race track advisors, Mr. Kissinger is no fool.  He knows the damage a crooked or seemingly crooked Deputy Minister of Justice can do to a sitting Prime Minister and his advice to Mr. Harper was plain and simple,  "Cut your exposure and dump your Deputy Minister".

Click here to learn more about Kissinger and Harper, FMEP, Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd and Maximus Inc.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

FMEP Director Chris Beresford Goes to Europe For Instructions

Christopher Beresford
British Columbia Family Maintenance Enforcement Director, Chris Beresford, (shown in photo on left) will be travelling to Heidelberg Germany, in Europe, where he and others of his kind will be scheming to devise  new methods to loot and plunder the assets of individuals who are struggling to support their children as part of the New World Order Marxist - Communist agenda to reduce all other families to serfdom status while they enrich temselves and their own families on taxpayers money and the money looted from innocent families.  Readers can learn more about the European meeting by clicking the link to

The Editors caution the readers that despite the provocations, deceits, oppressions, frauds, thefts of property, wrongful incarcerations and other abuses of the lawless gangsters working for the Family Maintenance Enforcement  Program, the wisest path, at this time, is to refrain from using violence against Chris Beresford, his family, their properties or their investments assets, notwithstanding the fact that Chris Berefrod and his kind have actively pursued similar draconian gestapo like tactics against you and your families under ruse of unconstitutional laws and regulations that violate several international humna rights treaties.   

The Editors are informed that pedofile scandal involving leading British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, telivision host, Jimmy Saville, scores of leading British politicians and bureaucrats, is about to explode into Canada and other english-speaking countries where over the past decades pedofiles have been appointed to key positons of power in government agencies, such as FMEP, the crooked judiciary, and crooked family services agencies. 

Our sources tell us that there will be vigilante actions arising against these perverts because the police and judiciary whoi have been infected by the perverts in their midst have been blackmailed into inaction.

Interested readers are encouraged to visit the Web Bot Project at  where Cliff High explains the coming events based on internet data that accurately predicted the events of 9-11, the 2008 financial collapse and many other events over the past 15 years.

Themis, Maximus, FMEP, Lawyer - Richard Benwell

Richard Benwell - lawyer & fraudster
Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. lawyer Richard Benwell, shown in photo on the left where he was observed, scurrying like a rat, out of the local court house is in the news again.  Benwell first came to our attention as a crooked, lying, cheating, lawyer in December 2007, when, at the courthouse in Kelowna, in front of Justice Victor Curtis who the Editors believe is another crooked judge, Benwell stood and announced that the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) were adopting as their own all of the fraudulent submissions of the Attorney General of  British Columbia spewed from the crooked and twisted mouth of lawyer Craig Jones.
Mr. Craig Jones ( shown in photo on right) was forced to leave the Ministry of the Attoreney General in June 2012 where his corruption was becoming widely known as a result of the publication of Water War Crimes web site that exposed massive lawyer corruption inside that powerful, but corrupt, British Columbia government operation.  Jones has been hired as a professor of law at Thompson Rivers University Law School where he will be teaching the students legal ethics.  The Dean at Thompson River University Law School is the notorious Chris Axworthy who was a member of Parliament from 1988 to 1999.  Axworthy's suddenly left federal politics with the great exodus of dirty insiders who were forced out due ot the Water War Crime scandal.  Axworthy's involvement in that scandal remains a matter of investigation. 
Richard Benwell is now accused of being a vampiricus financialus (financial vampire) at the following site
Based on his past conduct as a corrupt ally of Craig Jones in Kelowna, in 2007, the Editors believe the accusations that is a vampiricus financialus are probably true. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dosanjh, Dosanjh Dosanjh and Beresford - A Corruption Circle

Ujjal Dosanjh
The corruption surrounding Maximus Inc. and Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. became a little dirtier and little more sordid when it was revealed that FMEP Acting Director, Ringo Dosanjh, is passiing lucrative legal work to alleged family member and Vancouver lawyer Assem Dosanjh who is the son of the notorious former Attorney General and Premier Ujjal Dosanjh who appointed Chris Beresford to be the Director of FMEP with "Ringo" as his side-kick assistant to make sure Chris Beresford kept the business in the family.

Does a Dosanjh family mafia control FMEP. 

Why are all these Dosanjh names coming up in the operations of FEMP and Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd.  a company with close links to the dirty former Premier /Attorney General and present NDP leader Adrian Dix.
Assem Dosanjh
It is a matter of public record that legal counsel for Themis Program Mamagement and Consulting Ltd was Assem Dosanjh in a major lawsuit brought by British Columbia resident Bob Angus for human rights violations.
The senior partner at the law firm of Vertlieb Dosanjh is Law Society bencher Art Vertlieb who is a close ally of Law Society bencher Ujajl Dosanjh, Assem's father.

In the Editor's opinion, the system works like this, after Assem Dosanjh is on the case, Art Vertlieb and or his fellow law society bencher, Ujjal Dosanjh, reaches out to  his contacts in the judiciary and the case by Bob Angus is fixed by a "friendly" judge with close connections to Ujjal Dosanjh when he was Attorney General and Premier and Assem Dosanjh and his law partner wins a big fee from a client that has loads of money extorted from innocent citizens through its gangster like operations.

This is how legal and judicial corruption works in British Columbia,  Canada.

Investigations have revealed that the judge assisgned to the Angus vs Themis dispute was Robert Sewell  who, prior to 2009, had been a long term partner in the notorious law firm of McCarthy Tetrault a firm that was at the centre of one of the Water War Crimes, one of the greatest crimes in Canadian legal history and where Themis had played a willing role to assist Ujjal Dosanjh and several government lawyers cover up their crimes.     
Ringo Dosanjh
However, Assem Dosanjh and Ujjal Dosanjh are on the outside, meaning that they don't work inside the Government, so, in order to get lucrative government legal contract with Themis directed to a family member, they need someone on the inside and this explains why Ringo Dosanjh, is the the Deputy Director of the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program. 

In the editors political opinion, Assem Dosanjh got the lucrative legal contract to defend Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. against the lawsuit filed by Bob Angus, because FMEP Deputy Director, Ringo Dosanjh,  and Assem Dosanjh are related to Ujjal Dosanjh and the FMEP Director, Chris Beresford, got his job as a result of favours he did for Ujjal Dosanjh when Chris Beresford was a lowly public relations clerk inside Ministry of the Attorney General for British Columbia when Ujjal Dosanjh was Attorney General and Premier.  Dosanjh took care of Beresford and now Beresford is taking care of Dosanjh, Dosanjhj and Dosanjh because he, his wife and his children are indebted to Ujjal Dosanjh who gave Mr. Beresford the lucrative job that he has kept for almost ten years depsite widespread dissatisfaction with his illegal gangster tactics that violate human rights that are supposedly guaranteed by International Treaty and that are supposedly guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights that judges use to protects criminals but will not use to protect fathers who are trying to support a family.    
Chris Beresford
Chris Beresford receives a salary of $104,000 per year and Karanbir "Ringo" Dosanjh receives a salary of $87,000 per year on the backs of decent honest hardworking individuals like Bob Angus whose financial life, ability to work, privacy rights and human rights are regularly destroyed by the "garbage humans" employed by the British Columbia Family Mainetnance Enforcement Program, Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. and Maximus Inc.   A "garbage human" is a human being, without conscience or compassion, who follows the law, like a good little Nazi Gestapo Police Officer, smiling and masturbating while prodding Jews and other innocent and decent humans with his bayonet.  These "garbage humans" are in many positions in the Government of British Columbia.  They are a curse on humanity. They have ruined innocent families and children who have already suffered the hard times that come from a unhappy marriage breakdown.  They have destroyed children. They have lined their pocxkets and filled their bank accounts.  The get rich on the misery they inflict on others.   The story of human depravity linked to Ujjal Dosanjh and Chris Beresford is suppressed news in British Columbia.

Charley Beresford 
A decade ago, when Ujjal Dosanjh was Premier, the Reverend Kevin Annett, an internationally recognized Canadian whistleblower, was making public complaints that Dosanjh was permitting child sexual abuse to take place at Vanvouver's prestigious Vancouver Club where little children were provided for sexual exploitation by  prominent people.  Instead of putting the criminals in jail, the Attorney General initiated a civil action against Annett to obtain a court order to silence him.  The abuse continued. The judge appointed to the case was also a well known paedophile that supported Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. in its gangster like tactics.   Incidentally, all reference to the case against Annett has now been removed from the government operated database of court decisions which illustrates how corrupt the judicial administratrion has become in British Columbia.

Click here to read about the murder of the infamous Judge James Taylor who ordered Whistleblower Kevin Annett to shut his mouth. 

To his credit Reverend Annett did the right thing, ignored the dirty judge and his ruling, kept on speaking out and, eventually, a dirty child abusing judge (named Ramasy) was put in jail and some unknown person appears to have executed Judge James Taylor

Wise investors are quietly moving their money out of British Columbia that is now a swamp of legal, administrative and judicial corruption where there is widespread use of cocaine marijuana, and other intoxicants by government employees, the legal profession and, even, the judiciary prompting some citizen to suggest the government institute mandatory random drug and alchohol testing for all participants in the justice system.         

Friday, June 22, 2012

Charley Beresford Wife of FMEP Director Chris Beresford Exposed

Our intrepid researchers have uncovered more about the corruption linked to Maximus, Themis and Chris Beresford, the director the Family Maintennce Enforcement Program in British Colubmia that is part of the British Columbia Government hidden agenda to destroy families by impoverishing fathers so they cannot support their children and using corrupt judges to make and enforce court orders that loot famnily assets and rip children from loving families so they can be sold into the sex trade from foster often operated by friends of government insiders. 

Charley Beresford
Chris Beresford is married to a woman named Charley Beresford, who ran unsuccessfully as an NDP candidate in the provincial election in 2005.  The NDP - arguably a communist party in disguise - have been very big on destroying families through their policies.  More importantly, researchers have now discovered that Charley Beresford was a key player in the crooked Government of British Columbia Premier Glen Clark. Online sources indicate that Charlie Beresford was for "four years as a Director in the BC Ministry of Finance overseeing appointments to provincial agencies, boards and commissions".  We have not yet determined if Charley Beresford the involved with the decision to select her husband for the position as Director of the Family Mainatenance Enforcement Program but the investigation continues.  However, this is how corrupt governments operate in Canada by appointing dirty insiders to positions in the courts, agencies boards and tribunals where they strip away the rights and property of average citizens and enrich themselves and their friends. 
Readers are reminded that it was the crooked Government of Premier Glen Clark, including Charley Beresford at the Ministry of Finance, that wasted $500 million of taxpayers money on a few ferry boats that never worked and were sold for scrap a few years later.

In addition, Premier Glen Clark's government decided to pick its own private war with Canada's neighbour the United States by attempting to close a torpedo testing range at Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island and by "cheering on" a group of  law breaking fisherman who had blockaded a Alaskan Ferry Boat for three days in Prince Rupert thereby holding hostage over 300 innocent American travellors.   
This is the culture from which Chris Beresford and his wife Charley Beresford emerged.  Lawless, disrespectful of the rights of average citizens, and intoxicated by power.  This assists to explain much of the culture permeating Maximus Inc. and Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. which is lawless, disrespectful of human rights and intoxicated with power. 

These same people are now conspiring to take over the Province of British Columbia again undert the leadership of Mr. Adrian Dix, who, as Premier Glen Clark's Chief of Staff, was caught fabricating evidence in order to cover up internal coverment corruption and Mr. John Horgan, an NDP member of the British Columbia legislature.  There are many British Columbians who believe that Mr. Adrian Dix should be prosecuted for what appears to have been a deliberate crime and that he was not prosecuted because the Ministry of the Attorney General for British Columbia was then and remains now a corrupt organization where lying, cheating, perjury and other forms of corruption goes unpunished and the rule of law is ignored when government employees and officers ple break the law. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Deputy Attorney General Resigns Over Maximus Themis Cover Up

David Loukedelis
On Friday, May 4, 2012, David Loukedelis the Deputy Attorney General for British Columbia, a respected civil servant and lawyer, of many years, suddenly resigned after his Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Richard Fyfe, was caught, red-faced and red handed, lying and cheating in order to protect the crooked lawyer, Joanne Platt, who is employed by the neo Nazi company known as Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. 

In our opinion, David Loukedelis was so disgusted and so revolted by the corruption of Richard Fyfe, Joanne Platt, Richard Beresford and others in the Ministry of the Attorney General and at Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd and Maximus Inc. that he decided to get out fast so her could preserve a measure of personal and professional integrity. 

We think David Loukedelis should have blown the whistle and exposed the crooks but we don't blame him for jumping off the stinking, rotten, sinking, ship which is now being steered by the lying cheating lawyers, Richard Fyfe and Joanne Platt

Assistant Deputy Attorney General Lies to Protect Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd., employere Joanne Platt

Richard Fyfe 
When British Columbia Premier, Christy Clark, was asked to investigate complaints of criminal misconduct by Joanne Platt, the crooked lawyer, working for Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd., a companjy that provides legal services to the BC government, she followed protocal and referred the complaint to her Attorney General who, in turn, followed protocol and referred the issue to her Assistant Deputy, Richard Fyfe, shown above left, who then, in our opinion, proceeded to lie, cheat, and deceive exactly like his colleagues in the British Columbia Attorney General because he wished to protect Joanne Platt instead of do his job properly.

We think Richard Fyfe is just another dishonest, deceiving, dissimulating civil servant covering up crimes by himself and his colleagues. Here are the facts and you can be the judge

In Novemver 2011, after much bureaucratic run around, the Law Society of British Columbia, finally and officially, in writing, refused to investigate a complaint that one of its members, Joanne Platt had been engaged in a criminal offence, i.e. obstruction of justice, whichin most parts of Canada, is generally considered to be improper conduct by a lawyer in addition to being a serious criminal offence.

So, in March 2012, an official conplaint was filed with Premier Christy Clark asking for an internal government investigation of what was, surely, a criminal act carried out by a lawyer who provides legal services to the BC Government.

When the complaint arrived on the desk of Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Richard Fyfe, he got nervous and scared and did what a lot of people do when caught in a crime and on April 19, 2012, he wrote a letter wherein he advised Premier Christy Clark that the British Columbia government did not have the capacity or power to investigate the conduct of a lawyer who provided legal services to the government on a contract basis.

Richard Fyfe's legal opinion was complete and utter nonsense and in our opinion a deliberate lie in order to cover up for criminal activity by Joanne Platt and her colleagues.

The law is easy to read and not very complicated.

Under section 2 of the Attorney General Act the Attorney General “must see that the administration of public affairs is in accordance with law”.

The administration of the powers and duties of the Director of the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) operated by Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. falls into the classification of “public affairs”.

Furthermore, section 3 (1) of the Attorney General Act gives the Attorney General the power to demand the Director and Themis must “comply with all requirements and standards established by the Attorney General for that public body in respect of …(a) retaining, contracting with or employing persons to provide legal services; and (b) reports on and audits of those legal services” (section 3 (2)).

In addition, the interpretation of these sections is governed by the Interpretation Act, so that the provisions are “always speaking” (section 7) and “must be construed as being remedial, and must be given such fair, large and liberal construction and interpretation as best ensures the attainment of its objects” (section 8).

So, in our opinion, Richard Fyfe is a dirty legal LIAR, not lawyer, but liar, spelled L-I-A-R and he is a danger tro the public, has probably lied and cheated in the past and should be fired immediately before he lies and cheats again. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Richard Fyfe and Chris Beresford, the Adrian Dix Gang of Gangsters and Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd.

Richard Fyfe
Richard Fyfe, shown, left is the Assistant Deputy Minister for the Attorney General of British Columbia and, as such, he is responsible for much of the corruption that takes place and has taken place in that Ministry including the corrupt activities of sub-contractors who provide legal services and other services to the Government - like Themis and Maximus.   Under the Canadian ministerial system of government the Deputy Minister and the Assistant Deputy Minister are the people who are responsible for the corporate culture in the Department.  So, if Themis is corrupt in its delivery of government functions, as it is, then either Fyfe is corrupt or he is stupid or he is a weak man who cannot control the activities of the Ministry he is supposed to supervise. 

Below Richard Fyfe in the command and control structure of the nazi-like, gangster-like operations of the corrupt British Columbia Ministry the Attorney General is the notorious and elusive Chris Beresford shown right in photo. When so-called deadbeat dads are out of work and underemployed Beresford, with the tacit approval of Fyfe, hunts them down and destroys every opportunity they have to rebuild themseves.  Beresford and Fyfe operate in similar fashion to the Nazis who smashed the businesses of the Jews in Germany in 1933.  The only difference between the Nazis and Beresford and Fyfe and their gangster operation is that Beresford and Fyfe use legal tools, instead of jackboots, hammers and crowbars to destroy the legitimate businesses of people struggling to support their families.
Like the Nazis before them, Fyfe and Beresford argue that they are simply following orders, the Nuremburg defence, and, when the families are destroyed because their fathers were destroyed by the state, and the children, like the Jewish children under the Nazis, are subject to seizure by the state, sent into concentration camps known as state run foster homes where they are further abused, killed and sold into sexual slavery.  This is Britizh Kolumbia in the 21 st century. 

Richard Fyfe and Chris Beresford rose to prominence in the Britizh Kolumbia civil service when Premier Glen Clark and his gang of thugs, including of present NDP party leader Adrian Dix, NDP Member of the legislature, John Horgan, senior civil servant, Brenda Edwards, law professor Maureen Maloney, suspected communist and former Attorney General, Ujjal Dosanjh, and his assistant Gillian Wallace were attempting to turn Britizh Kolumbia into a soviet style gestapo state.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Background on Chris Beresford Director FMEP

The Gangters at FMEP - Beresford in centreƩ
According to British Columbia government publications, Chris Beresford, shown 5th from left in photo, the present director of the gestapo like Family Maintenance Enforcement Program was with the Corrections Branch as an analyst in or before 1992 located on the 4th flr 910 Government St Victoria. 

The corrections branch is a part of the Ministry of the Attorney General a ministry that is widely regarded as the most corrupt in British Columbia.

In 1993 and 1994 Chris Beresford was still an analyst in the Corrections Branch and his wife and furure NDP political candidate, Charley Beresford, had become an executive assistant to the NDP Health Minister, Elizabeth Cull.  Charley Beresford is a left wing socialist politician who has been rejected by the voters.  She and her husband, Chris, who destroys families by abuse of state power as director of FMEP, are alleged to have two children, one male and one female. 

In 1996, Chris Beresford became a Communications Analyst in the Corrections Branch which was then located at 7th Floor 1001 Douglas Street, the Attorney General Ministry's head office, and on the same floor as the Family Justice Reform unit.
Ujjal Dosanjh 
In 1999 Chris Beresford was the acting director of Attorney General Issues and Event Management unit in the Headquarters Communications Branch. on the 10th floor of 1001 Douglas Street - when the dirty Ujjal Dosanjh was the minister and the crooked Maureen Maloney was deputy attorney general and her dirty deputy minister, Gillian Wallace (one of the many dead insiders murdered as part of the Water War Crimes cover up) was the Assistant Deputy Minister Legal Services Branch.
Alison MacPhail was Assistant Deputy Minister Community Justice and Mary Beeching was acting executive director of Headquarters Communications - among several others who are still in senior management positions in that most corrupt Ministry in the Briitsh Columbia Government.
In 2001, the dirty Premier Ujjal Dosanjh appointed Chris Beresford as director of the corrupt Family Maintenance Enforcement Program a position where he retained under the convicted criminal Premier, Gordon Campbell,  who was finally forced from office when it was becoming widely known that he was paying his Mistress Lara Dauphinee a salary of $150,000 per year from government funds.

Click here to learn more about the Premier`s Mistress.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Premier Christy Clark
Researchers in Campbell River, located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, have discovered documents that they believe is evidence of fraud by that Maximus Inc. the parent company to Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. a company that was set up by insiders at the Ministry of the Attorney General for British Columbia that has consistently violated basic human rights in order to destroy families in British Columbia.

Visit Den of Democracy Web Site for more information

Maximus Inc. is closely connected to former British Columbia Attorney General, Brian Smith, who is a key suspect in the Water War Crimes and British Columbia political insider Partick Kinsella who provides backroom advice to present British Columbia Premier, Christy Clark (shown in photo on right).

The investigation in Campbell River has now uncovered evidence that the Douglas Michael Flynn, the father of one of the persons investigating Maximus Inc. and Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. was murdered.

The investigation of Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. and Maximus Inc continues.