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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Background on Chris Beresford Director FMEP

The Gangters at FMEP - Beresford in centreé
According to British Columbia government publications, Chris Beresford, shown 5th from left in photo, the present director of the gestapo like Family Maintenance Enforcement Program was with the Corrections Branch as an analyst in or before 1992 located on the 4th flr 910 Government St Victoria. 

The corrections branch is a part of the Ministry of the Attorney General a ministry that is widely regarded as the most corrupt in British Columbia.

In 1993 and 1994 Chris Beresford was still an analyst in the Corrections Branch and his wife and furure NDP political candidate, Charley Beresford, had become an executive assistant to the NDP Health Minister, Elizabeth Cull.  Charley Beresford is a left wing socialist politician who has been rejected by the voters.  She and her husband, Chris, who destroys families by abuse of state power as director of FMEP, are alleged to have two children, one male and one female. 

In 1996, Chris Beresford became a Communications Analyst in the Corrections Branch which was then located at 7th Floor 1001 Douglas Street, the Attorney General Ministry's head office, and on the same floor as the Family Justice Reform unit.
Ujjal Dosanjh 
In 1999 Chris Beresford was the acting director of Attorney General Issues and Event Management unit in the Headquarters Communications Branch. on the 10th floor of 1001 Douglas Street - when the dirty Ujjal Dosanjh was the minister and the crooked Maureen Maloney was deputy attorney general and her dirty deputy minister, Gillian Wallace (one of the many dead insiders murdered as part of the Water War Crimes cover up) was the Assistant Deputy Minister Legal Services Branch.
Alison MacPhail was Assistant Deputy Minister Community Justice and Mary Beeching was acting executive director of Headquarters Communications - among several others who are still in senior management positions in that most corrupt Ministry in the Briitsh Columbia Government.
In 2001, the dirty Premier Ujjal Dosanjh appointed Chris Beresford as director of the corrupt Family Maintenance Enforcement Program a position where he retained under the convicted criminal Premier, Gordon Campbell,  who was finally forced from office when it was becoming widely known that he was paying his Mistress Lara Dauphinee a salary of $150,000 per year from government funds.

Click here to learn more about the Premier`s Mistress.


  1. We find welfare in BC to be as corrupt as you do. Innocent people suffer under them every day. Would it be possible to form an organization like They have lists of people like me that sign petitions against human rights violations, polluters, and intrusions in parks by industry. They are growing at 130,000 people per day right now. We could do the same, naming governments as human rights abusers against children and asking for people to join and sign petitions. It is something that might help. Please let me know. Thank You Harvey Holloway.

    1. Count me in I will print massive posters and we should go directly to the abusers homes and work place, a march from fmep to child abusers my ex wife the courts

  2. According to the crooked politicians, I was a Dead "Beat" Dad because, even though I paid child support, the recession came and I lost my job in the mill and I couldn't pay child support any more so Themis detroyed my life.

    Now, I am just another Dead Dad. There is nothing beating in me any more. My heart stopped.

    My children miss me.

    I heard my daughters crying for me the other night from my home here in the graveyard.

    My son, well, he is so angry that THEMIS and MAXIMUS killed me that he wants to grow up to become a serial killer just to get back at THEMIS and MAXIMUS and the people there and in the Government who killed their Dad.

    I don't blame him one little bit.

    My ex wife, she is lonely now.

    She left me for another guy but he left her probably for the same reasons I left.

    The girls resent her instead of their real enemy - THEMIS, MAXIMUS and the Government employees.

    There is nothing I can do now because I live in a graveyard.

    this guy is dead now in cemetery

    The "beat" stopped in me, the "Dead Beat Dad", and now I am just another "Dead Dad".

  3. Myself having gone through FMEP, am so disillusioned by my country of Canada, I have little words. From a economical view point, the harsh tactics of FMEP make very little sense. To take a productive person & financially destroy them with over zealous money taking out of bank accounts, credit rating lowering, and destroying a mans employment through garnishment stigmatizing tactics & drivers license denial is beyond non productive in any light. "In the best interest of the child" is not met to say the least. Men in Canada are committing suicide at alarming rates. Stats such as men between ages 40-59 killing themselves at a 3:1 ratio compared to all other Canadians combined. 7 men per day at a minimum. We need flexibility infused into this system for the sake of a healthy country.

  4. Been a victim of this organization for years. It started with a one night stand in a bar with a woman who knowingly wanted to have a child (the clock was ticking)... several years later I discovered I had a son and that a court order had been placed against me years before while I was studying overseas. DNA tested and came back positive. OK... Man up. Now I want to meet this child. FMEP says no. They refuse to tell me where he is. So after having my passport taken at the boarder I find a way to cough up $20,000 so I can get it back and continue my studies.

    Following this I continue to pay the government sponsored extortion. even though at times it is difficult and ZI fall behind on occasion. Eventually I track down a phone number for the mother of this child. She is in a common-law relationship and the child is being raised by another man. Yet she refuses to drop FMEP from the picture.

    Time goes by and I continue to pay the extortion. Fast forward to Christmas Eve 2015. After being unemployed for all of 2013... under-employed for 2014 (made $32,000 before taxes and BC medical premiums... and again unemployed for all of 2015 I scraped by but was unable to pay FMEP for the last year. I had exactly $1200 in the bank which was January rent and a visit with my daughter and gran-daughter for Christmas. So I thought... FMEP froze my account on Christmas Eve and took it all.

    Phone calls go unreturned and when I do speak with someone they say "It's up to you to get the order changed."

    So no bank account (still frozen) I get some help from the Family Law Society. Help in the form of free advice. What I need to do is file in Vernon Court (I've never been to Vernon in my life). I can file by mail. Then I have to pay a process server to serve the mother of the child. This cost money and I no longer have a bank account. If I did have the money for a process server I still don't know where to serve the mother and FMEP will not say. But lets say I overcome all these hurdles... next I need to show up in Vernon to appear. I live on the Island. No money for ferries... no money for gas (my 2005 vehicle is about to be repossessed due to falling in arrears with that loan) and no place to stay in Vernon. FMEP says that's my problem.

    OK... I'm resilient... but here's the thing... no bank account means that even if I do find work I have no place to cash a cheque. No way to borrow from a family member by e-transfer... no way to even collect welfare (never have but may need to)because you see in order to get welfare you need a bank account.

    In short... no money... no way to get money (legally) and if and when I do get money no way to pay FMEP by direct transfer which is what I have been doing for over 10 years.

    These assholes are out of control. they don't give a rat's ass about fathers. They are a for profit, American owned corporation with no accountability of conscious. They are the reason dead beat dads make up the highest demographic of male suicides I this country and given that I now feel paralysed by them and see no way out I may just be the next.

    Saddest part... there is no way to stop them. and any resolve to my situation in the system will take months while the meter ticks away against me. Fastest solution... check out... best option... take this little scum bag with me.


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