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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Richard Fyfe and Chris Beresford, the Adrian Dix Gang of Gangsters and Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd.

Richard Fyfe
Richard Fyfe, shown, left is the Assistant Deputy Minister for the Attorney General of British Columbia and, as such, he is responsible for much of the corruption that takes place and has taken place in that Ministry including the corrupt activities of sub-contractors who provide legal services and other services to the Government - like Themis and Maximus.   Under the Canadian ministerial system of government the Deputy Minister and the Assistant Deputy Minister are the people who are responsible for the corporate culture in the Department.  So, if Themis is corrupt in its delivery of government functions, as it is, then either Fyfe is corrupt or he is stupid or he is a weak man who cannot control the activities of the Ministry he is supposed to supervise. 

Below Richard Fyfe in the command and control structure of the nazi-like, gangster-like operations of the corrupt British Columbia Ministry the Attorney General is the notorious and elusive Chris Beresford shown right in photo. When so-called deadbeat dads are out of work and underemployed Beresford, with the tacit approval of Fyfe, hunts them down and destroys every opportunity they have to rebuild themseves.  Beresford and Fyfe operate in similar fashion to the Nazis who smashed the businesses of the Jews in Germany in 1933.  The only difference between the Nazis and Beresford and Fyfe and their gangster operation is that Beresford and Fyfe use legal tools, instead of jackboots, hammers and crowbars to destroy the legitimate businesses of people struggling to support their families.
Like the Nazis before them, Fyfe and Beresford argue that they are simply following orders, the Nuremburg defence, and, when the families are destroyed because their fathers were destroyed by the state, and the children, like the Jewish children under the Nazis, are subject to seizure by the state, sent into concentration camps known as state run foster homes where they are further abused, killed and sold into sexual slavery.  This is Britizh Kolumbia in the 21 st century. 

Richard Fyfe and Chris Beresford rose to prominence in the Britizh Kolumbia civil service when Premier Glen Clark and his gang of thugs, including of present NDP party leader Adrian Dix, NDP Member of the legislature, John Horgan, senior civil servant, Brenda Edwards, law professor Maureen Maloney, suspected communist and former Attorney General, Ujjal Dosanjh, and his assistant Gillian Wallace were attempting to turn Britizh Kolumbia into a soviet style gestapo state.

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  1. Gender bias in the public system camouflages the tax bias in the court system.
    Using sole custody to generate a tax has consequences, Gen U.


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