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Friday, June 22, 2012

Charley Beresford Wife of FMEP Director Chris Beresford Exposed

Our intrepid researchers have uncovered more about the corruption linked to Maximus, Themis and Chris Beresford, the director the Family Maintennce Enforcement Program in British Colubmia that is part of the British Columbia Government hidden agenda to destroy families by impoverishing fathers so they cannot support their children and using corrupt judges to make and enforce court orders that loot famnily assets and rip children from loving families so they can be sold into the sex trade from foster often operated by friends of government insiders. 

Charley Beresford
Chris Beresford is married to a woman named Charley Beresford, who ran unsuccessfully as an NDP candidate in the provincial election in 2005.  The NDP - arguably a communist party in disguise - have been very big on destroying families through their policies.  More importantly, researchers have now discovered that Charley Beresford was a key player in the crooked Government of British Columbia Premier Glen Clark. Online sources indicate that Charlie Beresford was for "four years as a Director in the BC Ministry of Finance overseeing appointments to provincial agencies, boards and commissions".  We have not yet determined if Charley Beresford the involved with the decision to select her husband for the position as Director of the Family Mainatenance Enforcement Program but the investigation continues.  However, this is how corrupt governments operate in Canada by appointing dirty insiders to positions in the courts, agencies boards and tribunals where they strip away the rights and property of average citizens and enrich themselves and their friends. 
Readers are reminded that it was the crooked Government of Premier Glen Clark, including Charley Beresford at the Ministry of Finance, that wasted $500 million of taxpayers money on a few ferry boats that never worked and were sold for scrap a few years later.

In addition, Premier Glen Clark's government decided to pick its own private war with Canada's neighbour the United States by attempting to close a torpedo testing range at Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island and by "cheering on" a group of  law breaking fisherman who had blockaded a Alaskan Ferry Boat for three days in Prince Rupert thereby holding hostage over 300 innocent American travellors.   
This is the culture from which Chris Beresford and his wife Charley Beresford emerged.  Lawless, disrespectful of the rights of average citizens, and intoxicated by power.  This assists to explain much of the culture permeating Maximus Inc. and Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. which is lawless, disrespectful of human rights and intoxicated with power. 

These same people are now conspiring to take over the Province of British Columbia again undert the leadership of Mr. Adrian Dix, who, as Premier Glen Clark's Chief of Staff, was caught fabricating evidence in order to cover up internal coverment corruption and Mr. John Horgan, an NDP member of the British Columbia legislature.  There are many British Columbians who believe that Mr. Adrian Dix should be prosecuted for what appears to have been a deliberate crime and that he was not prosecuted because the Ministry of the Attorney General for British Columbia was then and remains now a corrupt organization where lying, cheating, perjury and other forms of corruption goes unpunished and the rule of law is ignored when government employees and officers ple break the law. 

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