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Monday, June 17, 2013

More Fraud by Director of Family Maintenance Enforcment Program Discovered


Chris Beresford 
The Family Maintenance Enforcement Program has now been caught making dishonest and fraudulent statements to the Canadian Department of Justice as part of an underhanded effort to deprive a senior citizen of all of his pension income.     

We believe that Chris Beresford is personally responsible for the fraud and are awaiting documents from the Government of Canada this fact.

The Minister of Justice for Canada has been asked to investigate.

This is how Maximus Inc. allows operates its subsidiaries in Canada.  

Chris Beresford has an accomplice in his gangsterism and she is a woman in Ottawa who refuses follow the law and instead relies of the lies of Chris Beresford and his gangster organization.

Elissa Lieff 

Her name is Elissa Lieff and she is Senior Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice Family Justice Division.   

She does not respond to emails and she does not return telephone calls.

She does not follow law. 

She does not display courtesy. 

She and Chris Beresford have worked together for over ten years screwing average Canadian people from coast to coast.

It is suspected that she is part of the inner circle of criminals in Ottawa who murdered Canadian Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson in June 2012.  That instigation continues.

When Elissa Lieff was advised of the criminal conduct of Chris Beresford, who was acting like a Nazi gestapo agent shoving Jews into gas chambers, Elissa Lieff, acted like a Nazi Gestapo officer herself, refused to follow the law, as her job description requires and assisted Beresford continue with his fraudulent activities.

The investigation of criminal fraud by Chris Beresford is underway. 

Beresford is desperate.  He could lose his job and go to jail.

More importantly Beresford may be murdered.  Beresford is a key witness in some very serious crimes that took place at the Ministry of  the Attorney General for British Columbia and, if he gives evidence to the appropriate authorities, he would put a lot of inside criminals away for a long, long, time.


  1. nicole thomas fmep case #26313June 26, 2013 at 1:06 PM

    o0h please make him testify im waiting !how much longer do we lay down and take this it just seems like nothing is happening ! but i hope all you liars working for these criminals wake up !! you are not going to be granted entry into the elitist group you are being used and when you are no longer needed they may kill you too time to get on the right side of this crime while you still can we all know who u are and we are many you are few!!!

  2. Wow. That sounds crazy! I sure hope they have a good lawyer. That is what you get for cheating I guess.

    William | Lawyers in Victoria, BC

  3. A fatherless child(jesus)August 4, 2013 at 4:51 PM

    Lets all pay our spousal and child support so that these guys wont have a job anymore! Yaaaaaa!!

    Or we can remain deadbeats so they can continue look like heros for chasing assholes who should have their balls cut off and not make more babies and files for these guys to enforce on.

    Whos with me? Yay deadbeats!

    1. Have you ever considered that many "deadbeat' fathers are actually VICTIMS of their wives and of the system? Many cannot afford to pay support after they've been raped of their incomes through false accusations, loss of their homes (the female accusers usually get those) and any cash - paid to lawyers just so they can visit their children twice a month under supervision (paid by the father).
      I watched once in court as a woman's lawyer pushed for an additional $3000 per month in support for ONE 19 y/o 'child' to continue in school. The father lived in a rooming house, eating from soup lines. The mother and daughter lived in a 5000 sq foot house, drove a Cadillac SUV and were already receiving thousands in support. I watched in pain as the judge awarded the mother everything she asked for.
      So to read comments like yours... well, please quit wasting our communal oxygen. You've used up your share.

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  5. payed for four years after my kids left school and working is this not fraud ?


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