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Maximus and Themis are part of one of the greatest schemes of human rights violations in Canadian history.

Themis, under the leadership of Maximus, has destroyed and impoverished families throughout Canada.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Child Support’s $115 Billion Problem

Child support orders that are too high lead to debts that hurt both parents and children.
By Dwyer Gunn
Across the country, states are experimenting with child support enforcement. One of those projects, the Child Support Noncustodial Parent Employment Demonstration, allows participating parents access to four core programs: employment assistance, parenting classes, case management, and “enhanced child support services.” The final category deals with the money stuff and includes services like debt forgiveness and expedited reviews of requests to modify child support orders that are too high (or too low).
Though non-custodial parents across the income spectrum pay child support, it’s the low-income parents who often struggle with high monthly orders. In fiscal year 2015, parents owed over $115 billion worth of child support debt in total. The majority of the debt is owed by low-income parents with grim employment prospects and low levels of education, many of whom also have criminal records. A 2007 study conducted by the Urban Institute on child support arrears in nine states found that 70 percent of debt is owed by parents earning less than $10,000 a year. The debts are often economically crippling to low-income parents, many of whom face the loss of their driver’s or professional license, black marks on their credit scores, and imprisonment should they fail to make payments.
What’s more, the evidence increasingly suggests that large child support debts actually discourage parents from participation in the formal labor market, where they’ll be subject to sometimes unreasonable levels of wage garnishment. A 2013 paper in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management by Maria Cancian, Carolyn J. Heinrich, and Yiyoon Chung studied how large child support debt balances affected the employment and child support payment patterns of fathers. They found that higher debt burdens significantly reduced formal earnings and child support payments. “Fathers think to themselves ‘I’ll just go underground because I’ll never pay that in my lifetime,’” says Heinrich, a professor at the University of Texas–Austin. “They can’t buy a car, they can’t work in the formal system, it just sets up some really bad incentives.”
In recent years, a number of states have begun experimenting with child support debt forgiveness or compromise programs. According to a 2007 report from the Office of the Inspector General, 20 states operate either fully implemented or pilot debt compromise programs; 23 other states settle arrears on an informal, case-by-case basis. Only eight states explicitly prohibit debt compromise for child support arrearages. The programs vary dramatically in terms of their generosity and structure. By and large, however, the limited evidence suggests that well-designed child support debt compromise programs can successfully reduce participants’ debt and increase their future child support payments.
A well thought-out and understandable debt compromise program makes so much sense, and it can be an incentive for better behavior.
Consider, for example, a program called Families Forward in Racine, Wisconsin, which was subject to an evaluation by Heinrich and several colleagues. Families Forward relied on a somewhat novel structure: For every dollar that a non-custodial parent paid in current child support, the state forgave debt owed to the state by 50 cents. If a custodial parent consented to also participate, they agreed to forgive 50 cents of the debt owed to them for every $1 the non-custodial parent paid in current child support.
In other words, if the custodial parent agreed to participate in the program, the non-custodial parent received a dollar-for-dollar reduction in arrears for every dollar of current child support paid. Despite recruitment challenges and limited support from local child support enforcement case workers, the researchers found that “[s]tate child support debt balances decreased for program participants, and participants paid more toward their child support obligations and made more frequent child support payments.”
Similarly, a comprehensive review of debt forgiveness and compromise programs in five states concluded that, “[f]ollowing program enrollment, payment of monthly arrears obligations (and current monthly support where applicable) improves, state-owed child support debts are reduced, and high proportions of program participants succeed in complying with the terms of their payment agreements.”
The review also identified a number of features of effective programs — the most successful programs dealt with younger cases, lower debt levels, and cases with current orders — and recommended that more programs consider approaching custodial parents about debt forgiveness (many of the programs only focused on forgiving debt owed to the government and were reluctant to ask custodial parents to participate, despite the fact that the evidence suggests that many are open to debt compromise).
“Even the IRS compromises arrears, everybody compromises arrears,” says Jessica Pearson, one of the authors of the review referenced above and the director of the Center for Policy Research. “Definitely, a well thought-out and understandable debt compromise program makes so much sense, and it can be an incentive for better behavior.”
Of course, the best way to reduce the crippling debt that many low-income, non-custodial parents currently face may be to prevent those arrears from accumulating in the first place. The Obama administration has proposed a number of new regulations to tackle this issue, among them rules that would prohibit states from classifying incarceration as “voluntary unemployment” (a technical designation which means that the incarcerated can’t file for modification, causing debts to pile up while they’re in prison), the encouragement of state agencies to automatically modify child support orders for incarcerated parents, and the prodding of states to ensure that child support orders are set at a “right-sized” level when they’re established (which researchers believe is less than 20 percent of a non-custodial parent’s earnings).
States rely on different formulas to calculate child support orders, and while some advocates argue that the formulas themselves are unreasonable, Pearson says that the real problems arise when states are forced to “impute” a non-custodial parent’s income (usually based on past earnings, education level, work experience, or the assumption that someone works minimum wage for 40 hours a week).
“If a guy doesn’t show up for his child support hearing, in a lot of states, they will impute income based on some formula,” Pearson says. “But a lot of people don’t earn minimum wage, or they don’t work 40 hours a week. If someone doesn’t show up to hearings, it will not be a right-sized order.” Tellingly, researchers have found that child support orders set via imputation of income are frequently too high and actually result in higher rates of non-payment.
Jacquelyn Boggess, a child support analyst and the executive director of the Center for Policy and Practice who has been studying the child support enforcement system for decades, believes that establishing right-sized orders—and ensuring that those orders can be easily modified if circumstances change—is the key to eliminating the child support debt problem.
“I think it’s important to say that what we have is two poor parents who may be struggling to take care of their children,” she says. “Pretending that one of the parents has money does not provide money to the child.”
Editors Note: In modern states, like Canada and the USA, the state profits far more from children than the parents. So, logically the state should support all children.  The notion that parents must support children is based on the idea of children as property which has been completely rejected by the modern state. 

The money to pay this child support can be printed directly by the Bank of Canada or Federal Reserve Bank and every taxpayer would benefit when those children grow up and start paying taxes themselves. 

The present state enforced child support regimes were created to facilitate family destruction thereby enabling the child predators, sacrificers and other perverts to have easier access to children.

Former Chief Judge Hugh Stansfield of the Provincial Court of British Columbia was a good example. His court regularly imposed improper court orders that destroyed families so he and some of his cronies in government could go about the province merrily raping children as young as six.

This is the British tradition and this is British Columbia where we have a British style cvourt system and there is not a single elected judge in the Province.

In Vancouver, there are reports of a foster home that kept children so the unelected perverted judges and their pals could have regular sex with children.

Also, in Vancouver, there was the infamous 12 Mile Club. A group of unelected perverted judges and lawyers and other perverts used to take children on a yacht outside the 12 mile territorial limit of Canada and sexually abuse them and the Canadian police were supposedly powerless to do anything.

The 12 Mile Club closed and switched its operations to a land based venue when Canada adopted a 200 mile territorial limit.

And, of course, there was Piggy's Good Times Palace operated in Port Coquitlam near Vancouver.  This did not involved child abuse but there are reports that FMEP allies in British Columbia Investment Corporation were in a joint venture filming live snuff movies for sale on the black market around the world.

Blood money for sure funding pensions for civil servants.   


Monday, July 18, 2016

British Columbia Government Burns Family Out, Firebombs Business, Destroys Access Bridge, Threatens Alternate Lenders and Cuts Off Water and Sewer So It Can Buy Property At Extremely Low Price in Rigged Judicial Sale

The Depravity of FMEP Director Chris Beresford and his FMEP Criminal Allies Knows No Limits

The following information is taken from the Gangsters Out blog located at

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Spotlight on the BCIMC Fraud

Victims of the State of British Columbia - The English family Resort  
Since this case exemplifies real estate corruption tied to the BC government I think it is important we review this important case at this crucial time. Jack English owned the Pacific Rim Resort campgrounds in Tofino for 30 years since 1984. The Pacific Rim Resort had 2800 feet of white sand beach, 214 acres and 1200 family campsites. It was the family business for 30 years.

Tofino is the launching point to the famous Clayoquot Sound, a protected biosphere that I have previously blogged about on more than one occasion. Tourism is it's largest source of revenue. Obviously the Pacific Rim Resort was a prime piece of real estate. Investors tried to get them to sell for 16 million when it was appraised at 60 million. They said no. It was their livelihood.

English family home burning- Fire Set By BCIMC Agents
 That's when things started to go wrong. Arsonists simultaneously burned down their home and two other buildings on the property all at once back in May of 2010. BC Hydro cut off access to the property August 10, 2010. The City cut off their water and sewer. This made it impossible for them to operate the resort and maintain their source of revenue. As a result they obviously fell behind in the mortgage. This allowed the BCIMC to obtain title to the property at a firesale price. 

Blaming the Natives - The Art of distraction by Government
I previously blogged about this case back in 2013. Note the graffiti tag that was left behind after the arson attack. This isn't the graffiti tag from any known First Nations gang like Red Alert or the Manitoba Warriors. This isn't even First Nations. The characters are from an alphabet the French and English made up to record the local oral languages. No First Nations gang banger is going to know this alphabet. Only someone who went to university would. The graffiti tag was left behind to make it look like a First Nations gang when it obviously was not. Something much more sinister is involved here. It wasn't a First Nations gang that cut off their sewer, power and access bridge. It was BC Hydro and the City of Tofino.

More destruction by British Columbia Government Agents
Jack and his Family were betrayed by their lawyers.

The first lawyer to mess up was Jeff Scouten who misled Jack which Jack only learned of when Jack said he was going to file some documents for the court in the local registry in Nanaimo. Scouten told him not to because the case had been transferred to Kelowna. Jack was shocked and asked why as he would not consent to it. Scouten said the other party requested it and he agreed to it without telling Jack. That is when Jack fired Jeff Scouten.

Then, when Jack arrived at the court in Kelowna he discovered that Scouten had also consented to an immediate order of foreclosure. That means if Jack hadn't been on the ball, Scouten would have agreed to everything the lender wanted and more. They would have simply walked away with Jack’s property without any redemption period or opportunity to refinance whatsoever.

Jack then hired Boughton and Company in Vancouver, where former Attorney General Wally Oppal works. Not surprisingly, Boughton didn't do anything for him and charged him over $100,000. It was only after the foreclosure was over that Jack learned that the Province wanted his property to hand it off to his neighbours as part of a deal that would enrich Wally Oppal's pension. But it gets worse. In steps Greg Harney.

Jack English retained Greg Harney in Victoria to stop the wrongful foreclosure of his family business and home. They negotiated and agreed upon a fee of “$10,000 and two RV Sites close to the beach”. Greg went to court on two occasions and got a six month extension to the foreclosure. But then Greg tried to extort $1.2 million in legal fees from Jack for a few days work when Jack refused to go along with Greg’s demand that he sell their Resort to BCIMC for 15% of its’ appraised value. Jack contacted the President of the BC Law Society and complained that Harney was attempting to extort him and would not honour his fee agreement.

Jack refused to pay the extortionate amount. Harney quit the case and immediately commenced collection proceedings in court for this unbelievable bill where Harney's friend on the bench, a Master who is paid by the Provincial Government and who has his pension with BCIMC, decided the case in favour of Harney. Greg Harney previously said he would arrange refinancing for Jack with Greg Martel in Victoria who is believed to be involved in money laundering for one of the gangs connected to the Lindsay Buziak murder.

Jack is battling Harney in the Court of Appeal now. The case is nasty with documented evidence showing that Harney secretly filed fraudulent backdated documents just before the court hearing which is a criminal offence. But for some reason the appeal judges are ignoring this evidence and bending over backwards to protect Greg Harney who submitted the fraudulent bill.

Here's' the deal: There were two parcels of land. One was owned outright and the other still had a mortgage on it. After BCIMC stole the main parcel of land that had a mortgage through a serious of criminal acts that prevented Jack from earning a revenue to pay the mortgage, Greg Haney is now trying to steal the other parcel of land that Jack owned without a mortgage. I kid you not. There's a whole blog about that aspect of the fraud as well at That's why it is important to act now to prevent the family from being defrauded twice.

John Carten, acting on behalf of the English family contacted Lawson Lundell LLP in response to his letter to Rick Mahler, Chairman of the Board for the BCIMC and rightfully advised them that the possession of property that the possessor knows was obtained directly or indirectly by criminal acts is itself a crime under Section 354(1)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada and asked three key questions we are anxiously waiting a response to in this PDF copy of his letter. Mr Caten also made Christy Clark aware of the fraud which is shown in this PDF copy of that letter as well. Let's see how far this rabbit hole really goes. Stay tuned.

Smiling Rick Mahler Refused to Return Stolen Property
 (Rick Mahler, Chairman of the Board for the BCIMC. Candidate for the Gang Member Registry.)

After this happened Jack and his kids were left destitute. Christmas they had nothing. They had no hot water, no sewer, no money and no food. They were sitting at the table on Christmas and Jack's 10 year old daughter asked him are we going to die? Jack uncomfortably said no, but it's going to be a little rough. Then it was an act of "Christian" service from a local member of the Hell Angels who gave them food at Christmas which helped them survive. Not all Hells Angles are good, but not all Hells Angels are bad either. Just sayin. I still think they should return the Nanaimo clubhouse and seize the Kelowna clubhouse instead by way of consent order. Peace

Editor's Note: The Family Maintenance Enforcement Program in British Columbia is led by BC Gove3rnment insider Chris Beresford and exmploys lying chearting lawyers such as Brent Hird who will directly profit from the looting of the English family property.  If Premier Christy Clark and her fellow elected cabinet members allow this travesty of human rights, human dignity and injustice to persist they will personally soon be the targets of karmic justice. It may be a lone wolf terrorist, it may be a group of terrorists, it may be sudden onset cancer or a sudden heart attack, or it may be an angel appearing as a mist on the highway causing their car to crash into a concrete wall.

We do advocate the use of violence but the ministers of karmic justice chose the punishment according to their own agenda.

The laws of karma and cause and effect are always followed. 

And, when Premier Clark or Chris Beresford or any of their criminal allies and minions are crying big round tears and sobbing because their sons Hamish and James are suddenly dead by an unexpected event well, we will know that they, Christy and Chris and the rest of them are only reaping what they sowed. 

Karma is a bitch.