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Friday, October 10, 2014

More Bizarre Conduct in British Columbia Supreme Court Proves FMEP Themis Corruption

Judge Heather Holmes
We think Justice Heather Holmes (shown in photo on left) is a criminal because she is using her judicial powers to cover up for other criminals instead of allowing justice to proceed.  

Heather said she did not have any conflict of interest when she suddenly showed up on a court application on August 26, 2014 where an innocent victim of FMEP Themis corruption was asking for FMEP records and government records and court records that would have proved criminal corruption by FMEP and Themis under the leadership of Chris Beresford and a gang off criminals operating inside the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General for BC

Instead of following the law, Justice Heather Holmes twisted and perverted the law and refused to order the documents produced. 
Suzanne Anton

A judge protecting criminals! What is this? A judge protecting lawyers and judges who break the law and commit crimes as government employees and as officers of the court! Why would a judge cover up for a judge who takes bribes?  Isn't that aiding and abetting a criminal to escape justice? Isn't that a crime in itself?  

The reader can be the judge.   

At the outset of the hearing, Heather Holmes was asked if she had a conflict of interest due to any career connections with the parties at the hearing.  Instead of telling the truth,  Justice Heather Holmes did not disclose the fact that she worked in the same office as Suzanne Anton (shown in photo on right) who now is now in charge at the Ministry of the Attorney General and with Austin Cullen who is now the Associate Chief Justice of the Supreme Court where he and his pal Chris Hinkson are concealing court records in order to protect a gang of criminals some of whom Cullen and Holmes used to work with when they were employees at the Ministry of the Attorney General in Vancouver and Victoria.  In that capacity she worked under the leadership of Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh, who was rewarded with a cabinet seat by Paul Martin, and Deputy Attorney General Gillian Wallace both of whom were leaders in positions of responsibility when lawyers committed the crimes of fraud perjury and obstruction of justice.  Gillian Wallace got caught, was asked to resign and died from cancer when her criminal  past caught up to her. 

Chris Beresford
About the same time, Chris Beresford, (shown in photo on left) was a senior communications media contact at the Ministry of the Attorney General probably issuing all those phoney press releases misleading the public about what was really going on behind the scenes during the Glen Clark regime when the corrupt Ministry of the Attorney General was trying to look good and explain why a duly elected Premier was removed from office and criminally prosecuted over something as minimal as $1,200 of lumber that a friend put into a deck on his modest home.  Well, come on now, Gordon Campbell arranged to have taxpayer pay his mistress / girlfriend an over inflated salary of $150,000 and nobody accused "good ole lodge member Gordie of anything. Chris Beresford in now the Director of FME and he was a party in the proceeding before Justice Heather Holmes  and Justice Heather Holmes just plain mislead everybody about her connection to him also, didn't she ? 

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Students of British Columbia history will recall that Austen Cullen was in charge of the Vancouver Crown Counsel Office where Suzanne Anton and Heather Holmes were employees before moving on to become the Assistant Deputy Attorney General and Acting Deputy Attorney General in charge of Criminal Prosecutions, from 1999 to 2001, where Austin Cullen along with the Vancouver Crown Counsel Office were part of the legal group that assisted Canadian Prime Minister Chretien remove Premier Glen Clark from office by an skillful criminal prosecution that knowledgeable observers say was a "show trial" that was fixed in advance when Glen Clark agreed not to disclose the evidence of that he had about Prime Minister Jean Chretien and the attempted looting of the water resource revenues of British Columbia.  The fact is explained in some detail at the Water War Crimes Web Site.  

Prime Minister Chretien and his cabinet rewarded Austin Cullen and Heather Holmes for their loyal service be appointed them to the Supreme Court of British Columbia by on exactly the same day in March 2001.

At the time, Prime Minister Chretien was assisted by Ujjal Dosanjh, shown in photo on left, who was then the Attorney General for British Columbia and who replaced Glen Clark as Premier of British Columbia, 

Both of Austin Cullen and Suzanne Holmes were parties to the application for disclosure of court records controlled by Austin Cullen as Associate Chief Justice and government legal records controlled by Suzanne Anton, as Attorney General. 

The dishonest Justice Heather Holmes knew this and like a snake in the grass she lied and said she did not haveconflict of interest.

At University of Toronto law school, Heather Holmes was on the dean's honour list for three years running, so she is no dummy which is why she was so embarrassed on August 28, 2014 when it was pointed out to her that she had been dishonest on August 26, 2014 when she pretended to be independent and not connected to anyone involved in the corruption. 

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In the Editors opinion, Associate Chief Justice Cullen and Chief Justice Hinkson conspired to obstruct the course of justice by assigning Heather Holmes to the hearing on August 26, 2014.  

The full facts will come out eventually.

So far, 12 judges who played games and denied justice to Mr. Carten or Ms. Gibbs have suddenly died and, based on historic experience, we expert that Heather Holmes, Associate Chief Justice Cullen and Chief Justice Hinkson may soon will be joining their judicial colleagues in the Graveyard of the Guilty.
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Monday, June 9, 2014

Will Justices Hinkson and Funt be Removed From Office for Corruption?

Newly appointed Chief Justice Hinkson (shown in photo on left) of British Columbia's Supreme Court has retained Victoria lawyer John Waddell, Q.C., (shown in centre photo) to resist an application by Water War Crimes lawyer John Carten asking that the Supreme Court disclose its internal administrative records that will assist to prove Mr. Carten, his ex-wife and children, co-plaintiff Karen Gibbs and her family, and his client Sun Belt Water Inc. were the target of a criminal conspiracy by Government officials using members of Canada's politically appointed judiciary as their agents. 

"....a long line of cases shows that it is not merely of some importance but is of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done".

Twelve of the judges involved in the corruption suddenly died and many of those deaths appear to be murders or suicides.  
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Chief Justice Hinkson is accused of attempting to sabotage Mr. Carten's case by assigning Justice Gordon Funt (shown in photo on right) to a hearing on June 2, 2014. 

Justice Funt had a serious conflict of interest due to his long time legal partnership with Paul Fraser, the current Conflict of Interest Commissioner for the BC legislature who was also a key player in the Water War Crimes due to his role as key legal advisor to W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd. back in 1989.

More recently Fraser and Funt's law firm represented WCW's former president Margaret Annett to protect her from a lawsuit brought against her as a result of her role in the Water War Crimes.

The accusations against Chief Justice Hinkson and Justice Funt are very serious and both judges could lose their jobs if a proper investigation is carried out by the Canadian Judicial Council.
Justice Gordon Funt has been the subject of some criticism by Vancouver Sun reporter Ian Mulgrew who claims that Justice Funt broke protocol and released a criminal.  If Funt is a Freemason, as some suspect, then that would explain his bizarre conduct on the bench and why he was assigned to the Carten case. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

British Columbia Chief Judges Refuse To reveal Links To Freemasonry and Organized Crime

The Stench of Corruption in Canada's Courts 

Canada, especially British Columbia, has a serious problem with Freemason judges who fix the outcome of cases to benefit fellow Freemasons at the expense of innocent persons.

For example, Provincial Court Judge Paul Meyers was caught using Freemason sign language at the hearing where he railroaded a Vancouver dentist for allegedly evading income taxes. The case reeked of corruption.  

A few years later, British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Kelliher, another Freemason, had to leave the court to seek instructions from undisclosed advisors when his membership in Freemasonry was questioned. Kelliher became an international laughing stock when he meekly declared he could not answer the question without checking with his bosses. Subsequent reports appear to confirm our suspicion that Kelliher will willingly throw a case to help a Freemason.

More recently, the newly appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Christopher Hinkson (shown in photo on left) refused to disclose if he was a Freemason in response to correspondence from Vancouver lawyer Mr. Carten raising that issue and British Columbia Provincial Court Chief Judge Thomas Crabtree (shown in photo on right) also refused to respond to answer a similar question.

The public and all investors in British Columbia have much to fear now that their two trial courts are controlled by Chief Judges who are members of a secret society where members take mutual oaths to protect one another and where the those same Chief Judges will not disclose their membership in a secret society with a reputation for criminal conspiracy    

Readers should take note that, in Canada, unlike the United States and the United Kingdom, Freemason lodges are governed by the Unlawful Societies Act. and Freemasons in British Columbia are deemed felons due to non-compliance with the Act.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

FMEP biased Judge John Lenaghan and his links to Organized crime under investigation

Photo of elusive Judge Lenaghan needed
The story of Provincial Court of British Columbia Judge John Lenaghan (photo needed) gets dirtier and dirtier as we continue our investigations. 

It seems that not only is John Lenaghan doing favours for the neo Nazi gangsters who run British Columbia FMEP operated by British Columbia Attorney General insiders such as Chris Beresford, Ringo Dosanjh, and their cheating lawyer, Brent Hird, who we caught trying to enter a fake court order in the court records that a judge - not Lenaghan - did not make, but Lenaghan also appears to be doing favours for major criminals involved in cross border cocaine trafficking. 

This guy is in deep trouble.

When John Lenaghan made a dirty professionally corrupt judgment against former British Columbia lawyer John Carten on November 5, 2013 he crossed the line because Carten did his homework, investigated Lenaghan, and found that Lenaghan has dirty history that of helping  major criminals in British Columbia with links to organized crime.

We think Lenaghan, like some other judges at the British Columbia Provincial Court, is an agent of organized crime operating inside Canada's courts.
This is serious stuff and Carten has now found that Lenaghan has a dirty history (in our opinion dirty) of dismissing a criminal charge against former ex-police officer Rapinder Sidhu (RCMP) (shown in photo on right) who turned criminal and became involved in cross border cocaine trafficking.

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Lenaghan thought his past would not catch up to him and blithely made a false judgment about Carten after taking a short break and, in our opinion, taking instructions over the telephone.  When Carten challenged Lenaghan and asked " Did you phone anyone for instructions" Lenaghan refused to answer the question.

It is a commonly knowledge in British Columbia that judges frequently take a brief adjournment and make a phone call to get instructions on a case. This is especially true of Provincial Court judges who have a well earned reputation for corruption.  

Carten has now reported the incident to the RCMP who were delighted to receive the information because it gives them an opportunity to take a closer look at Lenaghan after they lost their case against Sidhu who they really wanted to put behind bars.

Fortunately, the American authorities caught up with Sidhu after Lenaghan let him go free and, in January 2014, put him in jail for 8 years for his role in a massive cross border cocaine deal.   

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Lenaghan, who is Irish born and connected to the corrupt former Deputy Attorney General Maureen Maloney, also Irish born, and the corrupt, Irish born, Adrian Dix, the former Chief of Staff to the BC Premier who was caught falsifying documents to thwart a police investigation of his Premier, Glen Clark, may be in deep trouble back in his homeland of Ireland because the IRA has been eliminating drug dealers making Belfast the most drug free city in Europe and they may not take kindly to a judge who lets drug dealers go free and assists the Hell's Angels, a gang that the IRA will not permit to operate in Ireland because of their reputation for drug dealing.

Recently, another, Irish born, British Columbia insider, John Furlong, who managed the 2010 Vancouver Olympics went home to Ireland and, suddenly, his wife was killed in freak motor vehicle accident that some are claiming was a "retribution hit" for something Furlong did during the Olympics or maybe it was just a warning for Furlong to keep his mouth shut about the serious crimes carried out in British Columbia during the regime of Premier Gordon Campbell.  However, it could have been a mistake and the real target may have been John Furlong who knows a lot of the secrets of the Gordon Campbell government.

Lenaghan has also been reported to the American authorities.

In the Editors opinion Judge John Lenaghan is a crooked judge who is menace to our community by allowing a major drug trafficker to roam free and peddle their dangerous drugs in our community  causing harm our children and fellow citizens. 

In the Editors opinion, if Mr. Carten's suspicions are correct, then Judge John Lenaghan is a likely target for murder by the British Columbia government insiders who assigned him to the Carten case and forced him to make his perverse ruling and if you, the reader, know and love John Lenaghan then you had better tell him to come clean as soon as possible because there are some people inside the British Columbia government that we think would like to see him take their secrets to his grave.

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