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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nepotism, Other Corruption and Chris Breesford and His Son - James Beresford

Chris Beresford - Director FMEP
James Beresford is a "public affairs officer for the Communications Officer of the British Columbia Ministry of Justice and Attorney General.

This means that James Beresford is the person who manages the propaganda, the public lying, the public dishonesty, the public deception and other corrupt garbage that spews, regularly, from that powerful but corrupt Government Ministry that is considered. by some. to be the head office of organized crime in British Columbia.

James Beresford is the son of Christopher "Chris" Beresford (shown in photo on left) and the Director of the one of the most corrupt  agencies of the Government of British Columbia, namely, the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program. operated by Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd the subsidiary of the American company Maximus Inc., a company that has a reputation for fraud and other forms of corruption that is closely connected to Premier Christy Clark through her foremost political advisor, Patrick Kinsella, and his Hastings Park race track buddy, cabinet minister, Rich Coleman. 

The appointment of James Beresford to his position is nepotism.  His father, Chris Beresford, began his career as a communications officer for the British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General at a time when that Ministry was covering up several crimes carried out onder the administration Premier Bill Vander Zalm, Premier Bill Bennett, Premer Michael Harcourt and Premier Glen Clark
B.C. Premier Christy Clark
The cover up of those crimes has carried forward for the past 20 years and, with James Beresford, taking over from his ``dad`` the public can expect that the cover up will continue for another 20 years because James is unlikely to tell the truth when that means his dad would go to jail for as very, very, long time.

Unfportunately, the crimes appear to be getting more serious as the list of obvious murders continues to grow. 

It is now believed that former Deputy Attorney General Robert Edwards. who died of a sudden heart attack on November 5, 2007, was murdered, as were former senior lawyer, Jack Ebbels, who also suffered a sudden heart attack in Febraury, 201,0 and former Deputy Attorney General, Gillian Walllace, who died of sudden onset cancer in March 2011.

Click here to read about 33 sudden deaths linked to British Columbia Attorney General crimes.

Will James Beresford lie and cheat to protect his father who has been involved in the cover up of major crimes by Themis Program Management and Contuling Ltd., FMEP and Maximus Inc?

We think he will.

Premier Christy Clark has now become a part of the deliberate cover up by inserting James Beresford, sone of Chris Beresford, into a high paying position where he will be asked to develop strategies of dishonesty to cover up the willing participation of the Ministry of the Attorney General in the legal strategy that led to the murder Federal Court of Appeal Justice, Carolyn Layden Stevenson, and Department of Justice lawyer, Eric Noel. 

Click here to read more about the murder of Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden- Stevenson
Prime Minister Harper & Henry Kissinger
There is good reason to believe Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has retained former US Secretsary of State Henry Kissinger to assist hiom to insure that this debacle does not taint the Prime Minister's office when the arrests are made.  After Harper visited Henry Kissinger 9nj late September 2012, his first act of damage control was to fire Canada's Deputy Minister of Justice, Myles Kirvan, who like B.C. Deputy Minister of  Justice Richard Fyfe was responsible for developing the flawed legal strategy that led to one dead judge and another dead lawyer.  

Despite repeated requests that she follow Prime Minister Harper's example, Premier Christy Clark has refused to remove the Mr. Fyfe from his position of insider power and influence.  Unlike Premier Clark and her British Columbia Hastings Park race track advisors, Mr. Kissinger is no fool.  He knows the damage a crooked or seemingly crooked Deputy Minister of Justice can do to a sitting Prime Minister and his advice to Mr. Harper was plain and simple,  "Cut your exposure and dump your Deputy Minister".

Click here to learn more about Kissinger and Harper, FMEP, Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd and Maximus Inc.

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