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Friday, February 11, 2011

Did Themis/Maximus Attempt To Murder Child Abuse Investigator, Rob Nicholson?

When child abuse investigator, Rob Nicholson, failed to make a few payments of child support because he ran out of money trying to save his children from abuse and exploitation, Themis/Maximus employee, Joanne Platt, (referred to in a previous post) was caught making a recommendation that he should go to jail for seven years when the maximum penalty was only 90 days and no one is supposed to go to jail if they are unable to pay due to a lack of funds.  Rob Nicholson escaped that attempt but a few years later Themis/Maximus tried again to put Rob Nicholson in jail, and, based on the available evidence, someone tried to murder him.

A few years later when Rob Nicholson was disabled, broke, on welfare, and taking care of his youngest son, Themis/Maximus pounced on him like a jackal pounces on its wounded victims and served him with a summons to appear at a court hearing at the courthouse in Chilliwack about 250 miles from Sicamous where Rob Nicholson was living with his son.

The road from Sicamous to Chilliwack is through the high mountain valleys of British Columbia and is subject to frequent delays due to weather conditions that include, ice, snow, fog, or rain in every month of the year.

Rob Nicholson showed up 30 minutes late for his hearing and learned that he had been sentenced to jail for 90 days and, without even the courtesy of a fair hearing, he was taken to the jail.  This is how Themis/ Maximus and the crooked judges of British Columbia and Canada operate - like the Nazis.

According to Rob Nicholson:

"The judge's name was Hoy.  When I first appeared in front of Hoy, he was really concerned about the abuse of my children and my allegations of cover-up....he asked me to take the stand and be sworn in, which I did.  When I appeared in front of him the second time [ when I was put in jail ] he was the total opposite....I almost got the impression someone had gotten to him.  I was explaining the abuse of my children and the cover-up by authorities as well as what I thought was an RCMP/Ministry child porn operation".

When he was in jail, Rob Nicholson, a man with no prior history of heart disease, suffered a sudden heart attack about 30 minutes after eating one of his meals.  In pain and in fear for his life, he asked to be taken to the jail infirmary to be looked at by a nurse or doctor.

At the infirmary, the medical staff stabilized Rob's condition and inserted a medical device called "a stent" while Rob Nicholson, a man who had committed no crimes, was held captive in shackles.  The medical staff carried out the usual blood work to determine if he had had a heart attack and after a couple of days he was released from the infirmary and discharged from the jail.  In the process of release from the infirmary one of the medical staff said to Rob "I have made a copy of the medical records of your stay here and I have put them in your bag so you can give them to your doctor".   Rob Nicholson thanked the medical worker, and, at that time, he did not know that those records would be the only documents that he would ever get to prove he had been in jail.

A few weeks later, when he asked the Canada's national police force the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, known in Canada as the RCMP, for information about his time in jail they reported that there were no records showing that he had been in jail.

After his discharge from the Fraser Correctional CenterRob Nicholson visited his doctor who examined the medical records from the prison and who carried out extensive testing and who advised him that he, the doctor, did not believe Rob had suffered a true heart attack because his blood serum levels were inconsistent with a true heart attack.

Did anyone have a motive to attempt to murder Rob Nicholson?

You bet they did.

Rob Nicholson was, and is, one of the foremost child abuse investigators in Canada and has saved numerous children from abuse at the hands of the sexual perverts that abound inside the governments of Canada and British Columbia.   His web site - no longer in operation - was, at the time, a source of great concern among government employees who were part of the child sex abuse industry that flourishes in British Columbia with the assistance of complicit members of the judiciary and, apparently, with the assistance of complicit employees of Themis/Maximus who issued the summons to compel Rob Nicholson to appear before Jodge Hoy for a second time.

The reader needs to understand that in British Columbia, Canada, there has been and, according to sources, cointinues to exist, a network of perverts, operating inside government structures, who destroy families so they can steal helpless children from their parewntsa for use in the child sex industry - both porn and prostitution.  Rob Nicholson was an enemy of those perverts, his web site ( is no longer online) was exposing them and they had motive to murder him.

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  1. How does one contact Mr Rob Nicholson he has a very interesting story

  2. child support enforcement ... Advice to those fathers who are concerned about child support.

  3. Re:FMEP corruption.

    What FMEP does, for those that actually believe it was created only to compensate a spouse and child or children who had been abandon by the other spouse, you are so naive.
    And for those that don't know, the repercussions of an order to pay can be more damaging to all those involved directly and indirectly than if the order didn't
    exist at all
    Just a few notes:
    Who created FMEP?
    The jobs created by the the existence of FMEP and in what way are the people in these positions affiliated with the creators?
    Was there a study done prior to the creation of the FMEP as to the long term effects to all those involved?
    Do we not have enough criminals in this country, we need to create more?
    At what point does those that create our laws figure out when they have over stepped their boundaries?
    Why is there no program for the rights of the payee? (ah, no money involved)


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