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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Themis Dirty Tricks Have No End - Nola Silzer

The lady shown to the left is Nola Silzer.  She is a lawyer who now works for the Victoira area law firm of McKimm Lott,  a law firm with close linkages to the Liberal Party of Canada.  In 2001, Nola Silzer worked for Themis Program Mamagement and Consulting Ltd.  According to her online biography she was also "a senior policy analyst responsible for family court matters in the Court Services Branch of the Ministry of Attorney General".

In August/September 2001, Nola Silzer was caught using a false and fraudulent affidavit against a so-called "dead beat dad" in legal proceedings in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.  That was a big mistake.  She thought she got away with it but the "dead beat dad" decided to publicize the facts - far and wide - and she soon resigned from the Attorney General's office and joined McKimm Lott.  When a lawyer knowingly uses a false affidavit in a court proceeding, he or she commits the crime of obstruction of justice and could be subject to criminal sanction of up to 14 years but in Canada, the Attorney General decides who gets prosecuted and who doesn't, so Nola Silzer did not get prosecuted but instead, took a job at McKimm Lott.


  1. I am pleased to announce that with in the next 2 weeks there will be 2- Themis employees that will be facing a $1,000,000.00 lawsuit PERSONALLY for their individual conduct. They have protection if they stay within the rules of the "Act" but when they step outside that box - its a free for all.

    Will update this by Feb 28th.

  2. Did this get updated?


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