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Monday, January 24, 2011

Brent Hird - Another Maximus Themis Lawyer Caught In Dirty Tricks

The list of dirty tricks by Themis/Maximus gangster lawyers is almost endless.  

This post will intruduce the reader to Brent Hird, a lawyer who works for the Themis/Maximus gangsters on Vancouver Island, on the coast of British Columbia, across the waters from the city of Vancouver

Brent Hird was caught trying to enter into the court records, a fraudulent Court Order that would have permitted the Themis/ Maximus Gangsters to put an innocent citizen in jail for two days each month.

When he was caught in the middle of his corrupt activities, Brent Hird said "it was all a big mistake". 

Sure, right, a big mistake by a supposedly competent lawyer who knew exactly what he was doing??  Yeah, sure, Brent.  A big mistake, just like all the other fraud carried out by the Themis/Maximus gangster lawyers.

Background investigations have revealed that Brent Hird has been accused of improper dealings in other cases where Themis is a party.
If any of you readers have a current photo of Brent Hird, we would be grateful if you would contact Dead Dad by sending your contact points through the comments section so Dead Dad can post a photo of his tormentor online and everyone can recognize Brent Hird when they go to court and they will be careful not to be tricked by him.


  1. Hi, just letting you know you have a spelling error in David Flaherty's name above his photo to the right here

  2. I know Brent personally and he is a class act and a good person. He is a single Dad and understands the complexities of being a single parent. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a case with Brent involved you should really look at yourself and wonder if you could be be doing a better job yourself...


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