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Sunday, December 26, 2010

How Themis Was Created - Early History - Brian Pollick and Brian Smith.

Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. was created in 1988 as a "special project" by British Columbia Attorney General Brian Smith.   According to reliable sources, the Ministry of the Attorney General for British Colummbia has been one of the leading orgainzed crime groups in Canada.
The following is a quotation from the Debates of the Legislative Assembly 1988 Legislative Session: 2nd Session, 34th Parliament

HON. B.R. SMITH:  "Yesterday the member for Esquimalt-Port Renfrew (Mr. Sihota) asked a question of the Premier concerning conflict-of-interest guidelines, and [ Page 5332 ] question was deferred to me.  The question concerned Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd., the successful bidder in a contract with the family maintenance enforcement program, and one Brian Pollick.  After I was in possession of further information, I thought I should bring a full answer back to this House.

The allegation made by the member for Esquimalt-Port Renfrew in his question was that there was a breach of the ministerial guidelines, in that Mr. Pollick, a senior public office-holder, had, within the preceding six-month period, access to information not available to the general public which he could use for personal gain. I'm happy to advise the House that that interpretation of those guidelines is absolutely erroneous and not supported by the facts.

The facts are, just very briefly, that Mr. Pollick worked in my ministry as director of a maintenance enforcement pilot project during 1985, resigned in July 1986 and then became director of the special projects division of my ministry. During that period he did not have responsibilities for maintenance enforcement.  Maintenance enforcement was separate, and a new maintenance enforcement act was put into planning stage in 1987, and was introduced and passed in late 1987.

The process to find out who would do the bid in this contract was in accordance with the exemplary guidelines of the privatization program. I say exemplary because everyone in my ministry was told that if they wished to bid for anything like this, they would have to announce it, take leaves of absence and step down when they prepared their bids.

Pollick, who had nothing to do with and no special knowledge of this program for over a year and a half, followed those guidelines.  He went forward and submitted his credentials to the privatization branch, and he made his bid. All proper procedures were followed by him. He took a leave of absence to make his bid in November 1987, the day the request for proposals was issued. He had no special knowledge of the tendering process. He had nothing to do with the drafting of the legislation, and no special considerations were given to him.  In fact, every effort was made during the whole thing to avoid the appearance and fact of any conflict of interest.

I state those things not to try and justify my role as a minister under that guideline, because I don't think that guideline applies at all to someone in this position.  I stand to simply set the record straight for Mr. Pollick, because I think that when good public servants like Mr. Pollick and Miss Gifford - who had nothing to do with this project, but is a partner in it - come forward with creative bids to try and do things in the private sector that we may sometimes do in government, they should be encouraged and not have slurs thrown at them. They should be encouraged in that process , and we should not be using good public servants like that as sticks to beat the privatization program or for some argument about ministerial guidelines, because it's not applicable.  I hope the member - because I know he's fair-minded - will correct the statements he made".

Comment: So, Brian Pollick working for the Brian  Smith, then Attorney General of British Columbia, bid on and bought the Government Program that has been accused of collecting child support money, holding it in the bank, for as long as it can to collect interest, and then, finally, pays it out, at the last moment, after profitting from starving mothers and children.

And Brian Smith . . . wants the Legislature, our representatives, to believe that Brian Pollick didn't know anything about the program when he bid on it.    

Well, I don't believe Brian Smith for one little minute because he was one of the key players in the Water War Crimes, one of the greatest crooked deals in Canadian history.

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