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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Was Themis Godfather, Brian Smith, A Crook? You Be The Judge!

In our post on December 26, 2010, we told you that Brian Smith was the Attorney General of British Columbia when one of the people working in the Attorney General 's office, Brian Pollick, set up Themis Program Mamagement and Consulting Ltd. and acquired the rights to the British Columbia Family Maintenance Enforcement Program.  
This is what is called  a "sweetheart deal" or "an inside job".  The insider Brian Pollick gets to buy the asset.  In a speech to the legislature, Brian Smith insisted the whole deal was above board and there was no cheating going on but we don't beleive him one little bit because Brain Smith was Attorney General of British Columbia when that Ministry was involved in the Canada's Greatest Scandal - The Water War Crimes.

The Water War Crimes were very active when Brian Smith was Attorney General for British Columbia and while we can't positively say Brian Smith was "on the take" something sure smells rotten because 20 days after the Government of British ColumbIa Ministry of the Attorney General signed a crooked deal to give preferential, unfair treatment to W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd.  a company with friends in the governnent in Ottawa and Victoria, Brian Smith announced he was leaving politics to join Canada's government railway, CN Rail, as Chairman of the Board.

Lots of money
On Spetember 29, 1989, four days after the deal was signed, two of Canada's major law firms closed a major insider trading transaction that saw 4.1 million shares in W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterrprises Ltd. go to a special group of investors and about one half of that went to institutions in England that held the shares for others.  These people stood to make a lot of money based on inside information.  We are not saying the people on the investors lists were guilty of a crime but their brokers and lawyers waited for deal to close before the transaction was closed and it sure looks like Brian Smith took a reward from the Government in Ottawa.  However, it is theoretically possible Brian Smith was appointed Chairman of the Board of CN Rail because he had lots of railway experience playing with his toy trains as a kid.  At the time Brain Smith was appointed, Glen Shortliffe was the Deputy Minister of Transport in Ottawa  who would have approved the appointment and, by co-incidence Glen Shortliffe dropped dead from a sudden unexpected heart attack on May 6, 2010 or at least that is what the Globe and Mail called it.

Allan Gregg
So, you may be asking who was W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd. that they got such a benefit from the BC Government and Brian Smith was rewarded with a nice job at CN Rail that included use of a praivate rail car?  Well, look no further, because on the Board of Directions of  W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd. was a guy named Allan Gregg who often appears on CBC Television and who has his own web site.

But let's be fair to Allan Gregg, he did not act alone.  There was a whole group of people assisting W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd. who could go to jail except the police in Canada  only pick on small guys like Basi and Virk who got caught in the CN Rail deal that involved BC Premier Gordon Campbell and his pal Patrick Kinsella.

Patrick Kinsella
Partick Kinsella has been around BC politics for a very long time.  He worked for Bill Bennett, Bill Vander Zalm and Gordon Campbell.  He knows where all the skeletons are buried and he probably buried a few himself.

Now you are probably asking, so what makes all of this relate to Themis?  Well what you need to know is that Themis is owned by a company called Maximus Inc. as a result of a deal wheere Maximus bought shares in Themis for a whole pile of money and the owners of Themis got rich off the backs of children and  fathers and mothers who were screwed by and who continue to be screwed by Themis and, according to recent reports Brian Smith's son, Christopher Smith, is a registered under the Lobbyist Registration Act in British Columbia to be a registered lobbyist for Maximus.  How convenient??
 Edwards, Ebbels and Shortliffe 
There are a couple of guys, Robert Edwards and Jack Ebbels who were senior people at the British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General from 1985 to 1993 who could tell us a lot about the deal that saw Brian Pollick set up Themis and aquire the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program and Brian Smith suddenly leave for CN Rail but, by another co-incidence Robert Edwards and Jack Ebbels both died from sudden heart attacks in the past couple of years when their involvement in these issues was published and they were seen as a liability.  Now, we aren't accusing Brian Pollick or Brian Smith of murder but we do think that there is good chance that Robert Edwards, Jack Ebbels and Glen Shortliffe were murdered because they knew a lot and now they can't talk - can they?

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