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Maximus and Themis are part of one of the greatest schemes of human rights violations in Canadian history.

Themis, under the leadership of Maximus, has destroyed and impoverished families throughout Canada.

By publishing the facts about Maximus and Themis we hope to educate the readers so that, over time, there will be a critical mass of public opinion and information that will lead to the downfall of this gangster operation.

If you have any information on, or personal experience with Maximus or Themis, the people who operate these notorious companies and profit from them, please share that information with us.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Work of Destroying Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. begins.

This blog is dedicated to exposing the one of Canada's greatest human rights violators, Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd.,  a company with a genuine gestapo mentaility that operates the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program in British Columbia on behalf of Raymond Ruddy and his billion dollar company, Maximus Inc.

We need your help.

The people who operate Themis and Maximus are bad - real bad - they need to be exposed for what they have done.  We want your stories and submissions.

We want information about every one of the employees of Maximus and Themis.  All information, good and bad is useful.

That information will be added to our databases and we will be able to track abuses by individual employees of Maximus and Themis and use that information to assist innocent victims of Maximus and Themis obtain redress.

So if you have any information, pass it along and let's get the job done and destroy these companies and the people who have profitted from harming innocent men, women, and especially children, in Canada.


  1. I registered my child and spousal support court orders with FMEP as directed that I MUST do by the Ministry of Human Resources (Now called Income assistance and social housing department) in October 2003 depending upon an order of the court June 19, 2003. In July 2004 I had received a notice from the FMEP that was addressed to my ex husband who it turns out had provided the FMEP with a false mailing address. This contained two notices to the Land Titles Registrar directing him to notice MY interest in two properties owned by my husband, and the court had on at least two occasions noticed my interest in both properties. When I contacted FMEP to tell them of their mistake in sending me these notices, all without any consultation or notice to me that the Director of FMEP was acting to ensure my interest was noticed as the child/spousal support was in arrears since August 1, 2003, the employee told me that they had not followed through with this Notice because they had received a Judgment Notice from the Canada Revenue Agency and this FMEP employee told me that the Minister of CRA had a priority interest. First off, the Minister did not have the priority interest, my interest in the two properties was claimed by me on October 25, 2001, November 24, 2001, November 23 and 28, 2002, January 2003, February 2003, March 2003, May 2003, June 2003, August 2003, September 2003, October 2003, December 2003, January 2004, March 2004, April 2004, May 2004, September 2004, when I became aware that this Judgement notice was certified and registered within a BC court as being paid in full and therefore of no further affect to me and/or to my ex husband. The judgement notice was being illegally and unlawfully used to defraud both my ex husband and me and our child of our assets with the help of the Director of FMEP. Of course I immediately as this documented evidence came into my hands, provided the Director of FMEP with the proof that the Minister did not have an interest at all as he claimed wrongly, and I thought, that the director would then act to register my interest in the two properties.

    Not so fast, in January 2004 I became aware that in contempt of my November 28, 2002 court order that I applied for, and that provided that my husband was not to be seen to be trading, selling, gifting and encumbering either of these two properties in order to deny me my claimed interest, my husband had been neglecting to pay the land taxes and did not tell me that he had not done so. In October on the 24, 2004 I paid all that I could pay on short notice, which was $500.00 thus reducing the taxes from $2400.00 on the main family home property.

  2. In 2006 I was unable to find employment and having received not a dime of child/spousal support since November 2004 (which was a cheque for $100.00 paid directly from my ex husband to me and not as the law requires cashed by the Director and forwarded to me for my son's use) bounced as had the preceding five cheques that the Director wrongly forwarded to me since September 2004 and being for only $70.00 of the over $1000.00 that the court ordered was to commence to be paid to me beginning on July 1, 2003.

    Since I was standing before the court at this time, beginning September 1, 2004 to Sept 5, 2004, September 20 to 24, 2004, I sent the Director photocopied proof that these cheques all bounced and entered the original into the court as I needed to do in order to prove to the court that not only was my ex husband in arrears, but he was passing fraudulent cheques and the Director was failing at the same time to discharge his legal obligations to direct this man to pay the arrears to him and then he must forward the money to me saving me from additional fees and charges from both my ex husband's bank but also from my own bank. I had to repay the amount of the cheque plus fees and interest. Since my only source of income at this time was bottles and cans that my son and I could find in the roadside ditches and cash into the bottle depot, this meant that my son and I were in dire financial need. The FMEP refused to add these bounced cheques back into the total of the arrears to date.

    I asked the Director to act to seize my ex husband's wages or business income providing them with that information that he had provided to the court as to his income, who employed him and where he was earning wages and/or incomes. The director told me that: I would need to pay their office staff to act to enforce the court's orders, and, he had acted to cede both properties to the land tax authority after I informed him that a number of title searches had resulted in my knowing that the Minister of National Revenue had removed his so called priority claims as he did not have any interest at all let alone a priority interest.

  3. I objected to the Director's claim that he ceded my priority interest in these two properties without my knowledge and/or permission. In December 2004 I had to go to the Ministry of Children and Families Development and beg them to place my son in foster care because I could no longer support him as I had just received another $100.00 check from the director that the director had not cashed but forwarded to me from November 2004 that bounced again. I was still before the court seeking division of the family assets that the court had provided were all family assets to which I had an interest in on November 5, 2004. The court had a new application before it to add the CRA and it's employee to the matter of the property division and it would hear both the CRA and their employee On Febuary 18, 2005.

    In 2006 the Director collected a cheque from my ex husband for $2600.00 that reduced the child support arrears somewhat, I asked them again to register my interest in the two properties to the land title registry. They told me that they could not do so as the director had ceded both properties to the land tax authority. When I asked why they had ceded both properties and not just one to the land tax authority and sent them the certified court order restraining my husband that I was awarded in November 2002, I received some more excuses from the Ministry.

    I had conducted title searches again as to the registered owner of the two properties, and found that my husband was the only registered owner once again at this time putting the lie to the FMEP's claim that they had ceded both properties to the land tax authority. The FMEP enforcer told me that I must provide them with my husband's address, his place of employment etc once again. Apparently the information was correct and they were able to get the $2600 from him in November 2006. They told me that the cheque that they received was cashed by the Director because it was covered with insults and threats to me and/or to our son.

    Quite to my surprise, the Director having insisted that he had ceded both properties to the land tax authority in 2006, in August 2009 the FMEP then acted to apply to a court for orders pertaining to both of these two properties that the Director had been insisting to ME he had ceded to the Land Tax Authority in 2006 and before that to the Minister of National Revenue in 2004. What???

  4. Yep, they still were claiming that they had ceded both properties to the land tax authority but they were not asking that the land tax authority send me my share of the proceeds or registering my interest in my ex husband's share, but they were applying to the court for orders, which, the FMEP director has yet to tell me what he is doing with either my share or my interest in my husband's share of both of these properties.

    The FMEP continues to claim that there is nothing there for me to my own half interest in both properties that the court awarded me March 31, 2005, but also nothing left of my ex husband's share of interest either. NOW the kicker, I recently was informed that my husband affected to pay the outstanding land taxes and retains full registered ownership of both properties.

    Oh I forgot, in December 2009 I found out where my husband had moved after 2006 and I provided the details to the FMEP and in Febuary 2010 I received $2800.00 in child support arrears. They did not haul him into court and seize his half interest in both properties as I fully expected them to do then. They told me in August that the properties are gone to the land tax authority so I caused another land title search to be done yet again. I found that the two properties were registered to my husband's interest yet again. So what is the Director of the FMEP up to and is he illegally defrauding us of our interest in these two properties by illegally and fraudulently conveying ownership to the director or Attorney General of BC or to a foreign power perhaps? the Director since December 2010 is demanding that I reassign the court ordered child support and spousal support orders to him as my son is now December 14, 2010 turned 19 years of age.

    I see that since 2004 the BC Government has again changed or amended the FMEP Act and regulations to give this criminal Director even more power to act without any consultation with the creditors and the children, thus ensuring that no one might know or hold him accountable for his actions illegal or legal actions that he undertakes now.

    The Director nor the government served us notice that these changes were made.

    The Director, it would seem considers that he might transfer properties owned by the creditors to himself or to the government without any notice to the creditor that he does so act. This is wrong, we creditors owned thousands of dollars are not the director's chattel to do with as he pleases. Our lands and assets are not his to claim or his to transfer or cede without our permission to himself or the government or to the Land tax authority or to the Minister of National Revenue without notice to us. They do not know what is going on and I think that at least in my case, I have proven that the Director is acting in a criminal manner to defraud both my son and me of our personal properties and/or assets wrongly and illegally.

  5. amen sister...stupid crooks..


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