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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Is the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program A Criminal Racket

Is Family Maintenance Enforcement a Criminal Racket?

There are increasing reports of payees not receiving their payments and other reports of long delays in payments which are automatically deducted at source. 

These are the telltale signs of internal corruption where money is diverted by managers into private money market portfolios where that money, you money, is used to gamble on stocks, hedge funds and everything else.

There are suspicions that FMEP Directors are part of a government bureaucracy that is in league with the drug cartels.

The provincial court judiciary are part of that mob which may explain why they always help FMEP.  



  1. Odd how the gender bias courts rule sole custody and child support when the government pockets the child support. Perhaps the courts are really just tax bias. After doubling the child poverty rate on a decade BC has ended stealing children's funding meant to give them a leg up. BC is the only province so far and it took 12 years of calling child support the non-custom parent tax and record child poverty. However FMEP is still a criminal organization with criminal ties to the BC government and I have the documentation to prove it. After 2 sessions in a kangaroo court I've taken my case to the international community.

    The Story Behind 'no justice, no investment'

  2. The numbers.
    Mother sole custody in 85% of cases
    Sole custody and child support in 100% of cases involving welfare.
    The courts are not gender bias they are tax bias.


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