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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Did Justice Elizabeth Bennett Break Her Judicial Oath to Favour FMEP Director Chris Beresford

Elizabeth Bennett
Chris Beresford
Court of Appeal Justice Elizabeth Bennett and Family Maintenance Enforcement Director  Chris Beresford were once ship mates.

They both worked for the corrupt Ministry of the Attorney General of British Columbia at the same time when that ministry began its attack on British Columbia lawyer, John Carten, because he threatened to expose deep corruption by politicians and civil servants.

The civil servants and politicians appointed Elizabeth to be a judge at the Supreme Court of BC and they eventually moved her up to the Court of Appeal for British Columbia.

The civil servants and politicians appointed Chris to be the Director of the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program where he abused his powers and broke the law as part of the Government inspired attack on Mr. Carten

Paul Pearlman on right 
Family Maintenance Enforcement an agency of the corrupt Attorney General Ministry hired  Victoria lawyer, Paul Pearlman, as part of their criminal conspiracy to illegally put Mr. Carten in jail.

About the same time Paul Pearlman was also the lawyer hired by the corrupt Attorney General Ministry to defend the Government of British Columbia against a legitimate claim for compensation by Carrier Lumber Ltd

In the Carrier Lumber case the judge, Justice Glen Parretts, found that the British Columbia Government,  had conducted to have been "both deceptive and the result of bad faith".  He found that the British Columbia Government did not disclose certain relevant documents that it ought to have disclosed and that their failure do was "the product of system and design".  In short but without using those words, the judge found that the Government of British Columbia committed the crime of obstruction of justice. 

As a reward for his work for the British Columbia Government, both against Mr. Carten and the against Carrier Lumber, the British Columbia Government asked their pals in Ottawa to make Paul Pearlman a justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia where he was rewarded with a huge salary of over $250,000 per year. 

A few years later, when Mr. Carten attempted to make Chris Beresford and his gang of criminals  pay for the crimes carried out by the Family Maintenace Enforcement Program against him and his children the British Columbia Government used their old pal Elizabeth Bennett to make a crooked decision that protected Chris Beresford and his gang of criminals.

Austin Cullen
When Canada's Federal Government decided to prosecute British Columbia Premier Glen Clark for taking a bribe, Glen Clark, was ready to blow the whistle, according to a CBC reporter who followed the case, but, instead, his lawyer made a deal with the prosecutor and Elizabeth Bennett was appointed to be the judge and she dismissed the charge against Glen Clark.

The chief prosecutor at the time was Austin Cullen also helped protect Chris Beresford and his gang of criminals a few years later when he was Associate Chief Justice by conspiring to appoint his former subordinate as a government prosecutor Heather Holmes to the case and she refused to permit Mr. Carten access to documents that would prove that Chris Beresford and his gang were criminals.

Austin Cullen was made a judge with the assistance of the same gang of criminals that Mr. Carten would have exposed had he not been illegally put in jail or had his business destroyed by Chris Beresford and his gang.

This is how Canada's dirty justice system works.


  1. M.E.P is the one of the biggest crook goverment scams. I'm sure in some cases they help..but a lot of people fall though the gaping holes in the system.
    They sent me a letter saying "yes..somone did miss handle your file and they did breach the privacy etc..but we're not doing anything about it. Sorry."
    They caused me stress..eventually leading to homelessness..I can't even go see my kid for the holidays because they take my EI check..and I'm just getting on my feet..well..i'm about to fall back down again..since they keep taking..and they don't stick to the plans..they don't help..they are 100% collection agency...ANYONE that works for MEP i consider a Terrorists!!
    I have had it dealing with life is shit shit shit...
    Going forward..I will kill,,die...whatever it takes to live my life happily with my daughter. Sooner or later..someone will take the first step...and teach these dictative idiots that you can't starve can't lock them out of their only way of making can't just be rude to people on the phone and treat them like shit and hang up on them. MEP IS JOKE!
    I tried to cooperate with them..and i was locked in a room for hours while they double talked and threaten to take me to jail right then and there.
    If this ever happens again..I'm going out in blaze...I will kill and die before MEP sucks me down again..maybe I'll be the first person..maybe I wont..but MEP needs to get it's act together rather than screwing peoples lives over..and the people that work there..need to know..if you're with're against us...get a job that actually helps people..rather than being a bunch of little hitler-rites.
    Yes..yes..some of you wise people will say "get a lawyer"..pefft..thanks..but i have tired EVERYTHING...Cooperated right from day one...I'm Done.
    If I end up dieing by fighting back against least my kid will know that..just cuz some organizations says.."IT'S THE's The GOVERNMENT"...doesn't mean it's right..and if it's not right..STAND UP!!!
    Today..I'm standing up...I'm sure this will get deleted..or maybe cops might show up at my door to antagonize me..accusing me of's what they do. I'm not a sheep. FIGHT MEP and their TERRORIST actions!

  2. I believe there is corruption in FMEP, because the way they go after money has nothing to do with helping families, the tactics they use are not professional or ethical.

  3. L O L @ "This is how Canada's dirty justice system works."

    Dude why are you so mad? If you don't like the law of your land then you're the minority bro. Get out and go somewhere where your s*** for brains, paranoid, oOooOoo..Chris is always watching me, opinion matters. Which is nowhere, well maybe Peru where you can hump all the lama's you want and they wont chase after your for alimony and child support.

    grow a pair partner... your kids need a winner as a dad, not what you're ranting off as behind a keyboard where only CSIS is watching you.


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