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Monday, June 9, 2014

Will Justices Hinkson and Funt be Removed From Office for Corruption?

Newly appointed Chief Justice Hinkson (shown in photo on left) of British Columbia's Supreme Court has retained Victoria lawyer John Waddell, Q.C., (shown in centre photo) to resist an application by Water War Crimes lawyer John Carten asking that the Supreme Court disclose its internal administrative records that will assist to prove Mr. Carten, his ex-wife and children, co-plaintiff Karen Gibbs and her family, and his client Sun Belt Water Inc. were the target of a criminal conspiracy by Government officials using members of Canada's politically appointed judiciary as their agents. 

"....a long line of cases shows that it is not merely of some importance but is of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done".

Twelve of the judges involved in the corruption suddenly died and many of those deaths appear to be murders or suicides.  
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Chief Justice Hinkson is accused of attempting to sabotage Mr. Carten's case by assigning Justice Gordon Funt (shown in photo on right) to a hearing on June 2, 2014. 

Justice Funt had a serious conflict of interest due to his long time legal partnership with Paul Fraser, the current Conflict of Interest Commissioner for the BC legislature who was also a key player in the Water War Crimes due to his role as key legal advisor to W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd. back in 1989.

More recently Fraser and Funt's law firm represented WCW's former president Margaret Annett to protect her from a lawsuit brought against her as a result of her role in the Water War Crimes.

The accusations against Chief Justice Hinkson and Justice Funt are very serious and both judges could lose their jobs if a proper investigation is carried out by the Canadian Judicial Council.
Justice Gordon Funt has been the subject of some criticism by Vancouver Sun reporter Ian Mulgrew who claims that Justice Funt broke protocol and released a criminal.  If Funt is a Freemason, as some suspect, then that would explain his bizarre conduct on the bench and why he was assigned to the Carten case. 


  1. Each MAXIMUS Canada employee has the opportunity to contribute to meaningful change by helping their clients improve people’s maximus and themis 360 professionals working together to administer the Province’s Health Insurance BC program.

    Hunter Law Group


    Minister of Justice and Attorney General Shirley Bond

    Since 2002, the total annual amount of child and spousal support payments received through the FMEP has increased by over $50 million. Twenty-three per cent of the payments collected last year (almost $44 million) went to families that were formerly on income assistance. The payments received by these families are a significant contributor to their transition to becoming self-sufficient.
    2002 sole custody and child support hit record highs with the result of doubling child poverty in a decade because the child support didn't add an extra dime to the pockets of our most vulnerable children, it was pocketed by the very government that produced this lie.
    My thanks to the overseas supporters. I didn't find a decade too long to take full flight.
    no justice, no investment

  3. government scamming our most vulnerable children out of their child support doubling child poverty in a decade

  4. When a judge is investigated for corruption all his verdicts become tainted and should be thrown out. The litigants Funt ruled against should be entitled to new trials. In order to sit in judgement of others one must be above reproach oneself.

  5. The fmep has stopped directly depositing my chiod support payments! One of the last payments i received was for 5cents, about 6months ago now, and their still garnishing my sons father for 205$/month plus he pays extra towards his 10yr outstanding debt to his son(not the fmep) yet the 1st year of payments i never did receive, and the monthly payments have been so inconsistent, even though they consistently garnish my sons fathers paychecks! They definitely have scammed my son out of thousands of dollars! I really have no idea how they get away with it! They refuse to send me the money they receive for my son and only send what they feel like sending, when thye feel like sending it! One day it will all catch uo with them and i sure hope the ones that are scamming these monies from my son(&so many other children that need their money), are held accountable for their actions! It's just not acceptable! The court ordered payments be made to my son, NOT to the fmep! Not to mention the $400 late payment fees they collect for themselves!!! Makes me so angry!!


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