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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

British Columbia Chief Judges Refuse To reveal Links To Freemasonry and Organized Crime

The Stench of Corruption in Canada's Courts 

Canada, especially British Columbia, has a serious problem with Freemason judges who fix the outcome of cases to benefit fellow Freemasons at the expense of innocent persons.

For example, Provincial Court Judge Paul Meyers was caught using Freemason sign language at the hearing where he railroaded a Vancouver dentist for allegedly evading income taxes. The case reeked of corruption.  

A few years later, British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Kelliher, another Freemason, had to leave the court to seek instructions from undisclosed advisors when his membership in Freemasonry was questioned. Kelliher became an international laughing stock when he meekly declared he could not answer the question without checking with his bosses. Subsequent reports appear to confirm our suspicion that Kelliher will willingly throw a case to help a Freemason.

More recently, the newly appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Christopher Hinkson (shown in photo on left) refused to disclose if he was a Freemason in response to correspondence from Vancouver lawyer Mr. Carten raising that issue and British Columbia Provincial Court Chief Judge Thomas Crabtree (shown in photo on right) also refused to respond to answer a similar question.

The public and all investors in British Columbia have much to fear now that their two trial courts are controlled by Chief Judges who are members of a secret society where members take mutual oaths to protect one another and where the those same Chief Judges will not disclose their membership in a secret society with a reputation for criminal conspiracy    

Readers should take note that, in Canada, unlike the United States and the United Kingdom, Freemason lodges are governed by the Unlawful Societies Act. and Freemasons in British Columbia are deemed felons due to non-compliance with the Act.

Click here to read how a Freemason at the Supreme Court of Canada cheats non Freemason Canadians

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