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Themis, under the leadership of Maximus, has destroyed and impoverished families throughout Canada.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

FMEP Propaganda Machine Combats Truthtellers In Social Media

The God Father of BCFMEP - Brian Smith
The Social Media is slowly but surely undermining the credibility of the neo-Nazi insiders at the British Columbia Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (BCFMEP) operated by Vatican linked Maximus Inc. subsidiary Themis Program Management and Consulting  Management Ltd an insider comp[any set up by now disgraced former Attorney General of British Columbia, Brian Smith, who was awarded a suspicious appointment to the position of director of CN Rail, in 1988, a few short weeks after he conferred a lucrative insider deal on a water company with close links to the corrupt Social Credit government of the notorious Bill Vander Zalm. 

The particulars of the spin off of FMEP, a government operation, to Attorney General insiders who established  Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd. is published on this web site.

Click here to go to post about FMEP creation

Smith's appointment to CN Rail looked suspiciously like a pay off by insiders at the Federal Department of Transport because Smith had ABSOLUTELY NO RAILWAY EXPERIENCE but under his leadership at the Ministry of the Attorney General a few insiders were provided a few lucrative favours and as the old Scottish proverb goes "a favour paid is a favour earned".

The history of FMEP as a human rights abusing agency of the Government of British Columbia is now well documented and cannot be denied. 

Attorney General Susan Anton inherits FMEP mess
Innocent persons who have committed no crimes are regularly deprived of their rights without any hearing by out of power mad civil servants who delight in inflicting harm on their victims.  The cases are notorious.  The public is well informed of the abuses but, for unknown reasons, politicians have been afraid to control the out of control civil servants.

Earlier this week, newly appointed Attorney General, Susan Anton was reported to have carried out an inspection of FMEP facilities in Burnaby, British Columbia.

The bullying self serving propagandists in the FMEP bureaucracy claim:

"B.C.'s Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) is celebrating 25 years of operation and more than $3 billion collected for B.C. families".

Will FMEPBC be charged with crimes against humanity? 
During the same period, across British Columbia, the streets have become littered with the homeless (and the dead) many of whom were illegally jailed, had their homes taken away from them, lost their jobs, been put on the street and forced into poverty and begging as a way of life due to the out of control neo-Nazis working for FMEPBC.

Like the Jews after world war to researchers are just beginning the long slow process of calculating how many have been killed by holocaust inflicted upon the innocent FMEP practices. 

Like the Nazis, before them the neo Nazis BCFMEP are continuing to spew out their propaganda claim that everything they do in in the name of racial purity but the TRUTH is slowly emerging and war crimes trials are expected commence in a few years and the culprits, who are not executed, after a fair trail before a jury, are expected to be put in jail for a long, long time.

Sihota linked to FMEP human rights abuses
Late last week, three British Columbia politicians closely linked to BCFMEP human rights abuses, Adrian Dix, Moe Sihota and Jan O'Brien, suddenly announced they were quitting politics.

The full story on how these government politicians used FMEP to carry out their dirty work is emerging and they are going to pay a serious price for their corruption because of the law of cause and effect.

All insiders at FMEP who abuse think they can get away with abusing their powers should pay and watch what is going to happen to these people are the law of cause and effect which killed former Deputy Attorney General Gillian Wallace who was part of the Sihota, Dix, O'Brien gang.

Another 25 year anniversary celebration is that of Doug Pearce who 25 years ago, during massive corruption i the British Columbia government corruption, was selected to be the CEO of British Columbia Management Investment Corporation. 

A few short weeks before the sudden resignations of Dix Sihota and O'Brien, Doug Pearce has announced he will be resigning from his 25 year tenure as CEO.

Click here to read Pearce's resignation announcement

What the media is not telling the readers is that Pearce is resigning shortly after he and others at BCIMC have been implicated in a massive land swindle involving First Nations, fraud, death threats, attempted murder and other crimes.

Pearce denies any personal involvement but he is CEO and the CEO is has responsible for the corporate culture

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