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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maximus Inc. Acquires Massive Contract Renewal Before Election

Premier Christy Clark and a Dead Judge 
On March 11, 2013, the notoriously corrupt and sinking government of British Columbia under the direction of Premier Christy Clark, who is an alleged accomplice in a dirty legal strategy that resulted in the murder a Canadian judge, in June, 2012, and who is reeling from other corruption scandals, announced that it had renewed a lucrative $250 million contract with earlier this month to renew its secretive contract with Maximus Inc. a company that has close ties to the Vatican where now disgraced Pope Benedict is in hiding allegedly as a result of his role protecting child molestors and other criminals.  

Click here to read government propaganda about Maximus contract award

Maximus Inc. kingpin, the Arch-Conservative, anti-gay, anti-abortion American Catholic Raymond Ruddy was not available for comment.  Maximus Inc. is has been convicted of fraud in the United States and its activities in Canada are linked through its subsidiary Themis Program Management and Consulting Ltd  to the murder of that same Canadian judge.  The governments in both Victoria and Ottawa privately acknowledge the murdered but are keeping their mouths shut in the hope the story fades away.  Well, murder is murder boys and girls and just because you are in the government does not give you immunity.

According to the Lobbyst Registry of British ColumbiaMaximus has used the services of Western Policy Consultants Inc, of Vancouver, featuring Michael Bailey and Karin MacMillan, Michael Bailey claims he was an aide to former British Columbia Premier Bill Bennett who was convicted of insider trading by the British Columbia Securities Commission for activities while in office.  Bill said he was placing a bet on a horse.  

Click here to go to Lobbyst Registry web page concerning Maximus Inc 

Adrian Dix caught falsifying documents in office 
The prosecutor in the case against Bill Bennett was the notorious Victoria lawyer Joe Arvay who is a key supporter of the un-convicted criminal known as Adrain Dix who is currently running for Premier and whose falsifying of documents while Chief of Staff to former Premier Glen Clark are well documented. 

Click here to read more about Adrian Dix the unconvicted criminal

The case against Bennett had originally been prosecuted in the notoriously corrupt Provincial Court of British Columbia but it was thrown out by a politically friendly judge on a technicality. 

The NDP government were widely believed to have acted on a personal vendetta against Bennett and charged him a second time using the Securities Act and making sure that the tribunal panel was stacked against Bennett so it could secure a conviction.  It was dirty politics and left Joe Arvay looking sleazier that the former Premier and is a testament to the kind of ethic the public can expect from Premier Dix.     

Michael Bailey and Karin MacMillan are reported to be extremely relieved that Premier Christy Clark and her pals approved the contract because if Adrian Dix is elected in the May 2013 general election as is widely expected, you can be sure the contract would not be have been awarded unless Maximus paid proper "bribes" or "favours" to NDP insiders which would mean hiring a lobbyst with close ties to the NDP. 

Political analysts have noted how Maximus Inc. has strategically inserted James Beresford into the Ministry of Justice which approves all government contracts. James Beresford is the son of widely hated and despised Chris Beresford, the director of the government "private citizen persecution program" operated by Themis Program and Management Consultants Ltd. a subsidiary of Maximus Inc.

The Maximus contract has been renewed for 10 years which effectively prevents Adrian Dix and an NDP government from handing the contract over to their pals.  

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